Terrorism with return address

by Fred

Almost immediately after the recent assassination of an “atomic scientist” who was a member of the Islamist Brownshirts, Basij, an official statement by Foreign Ministry of the Islamist regime pinned the blame on the United States and Britain.

 Ever since then, there has been a flood of solemn promises for revenge. Quite a few highest officials of the regime, including the Minister of Intelligence and officials in the Revolutionary Guards and the Joint Chief of the Armed Forces, have promised to avenge the death of the “Basiji martyr.”

Given IRR has a long proven track record of terrorist activities including assassinations and bombings of the overseas targets, two questions:

1- Doesn’t it mean the next terrorist act committed in America, Britain or Israel comes with a Islamist regime return address?

2- In such event, what should the sane world’s response be?


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Dr. Mohandes

bache shirazi

by Dr. Mohandes on

His official title as mentioned in the news media is the Deputy manager or second in charge of the Tohfe natanz:) project... Now would you have to be a scientist!! in order to qualify for that position? Or merely being a Mientist would be enough!

I doubt if publishing a few papers would make a scientist out of someone. 



by BacheShirazi on

Can someone give me the link which shows that this man was not actually a scientist. Because I am hearing it a lot.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Naa/. Nemishe. Velam kon. say nakon jelomo begiri!!

Oh wait . you meant regime Ghazaie?? ahhhh... Yeah i have been observing my diet. I am doing good in that dept. Thanks for your concern Old buddy:)) 


بقول خمینی، رژیم هیچ غلطی نمیتونه بکنه!


طرفداران رژیم هم خونسرد باشن، فشار خونشون میره بالا، کار دستشون میده!

Dr. Mohandes

Freestyle Thugs!!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Oh yes. Let's make this about the shirt colors and all the other side issues.

Yeah. They are going all naked now. Natural skin color. yeah. I bet you would like that even better.

We will call them "tan colored" shirts!


There are no words i think for this "case" in the dictionary, This is far beyond...well Just about anything.


G. Rahmanian

Logic of a 5-year old!

by G. Rahmanian on

Amazing how the same logic cannot be applied to IR terrorists who assassinate their own and make it look like others did it. The lamebrain lady's logic works only one way!

IR and terrorism? That's unheard of!


Are these the same Mossad cells that did 9/11?

by AMIR1973 on

As is known to all, Mossad did 9/11 and told the Jooz to take the day off from work that day (and it wasn't even the Sabbath)....It bears repeating: the imbecility and sheer savage stupidity of West-residing IRI Groupies literally knows no bounds whatsoever.



by پندارنیک on

You're quite right. They should've known better. Let's just assume that  the Mossad cells in various states of the US have already received instructions for cooking up something to be blamed on the Iranian government .......Something like an "anthrax attack".

btw, there's no such thing as brownshirt basiji thing................Let's turn off  your inner Goebbels guiding light...............