Thank you all

by Fred

Despite the brave face the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) and its gofers put on, the list of countries choosing to curtail and/or stop buying blood oil is growing.

Albeit with a bit of encouragement from the Democracy Central (DC), Malaysia is only the latest in the long list of those who have decided to do the right thing.

Make no mistake about it; there are basically two options to deal with the Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming, and stoning messianic Islamists who are acquiring weaponized nuke.

Option one, weakening the regime to the point where the enslaved Iranian people, assisted with logistical help from the free world, can overthrow the warmongering Moslem tyrants, “reformers” and all, who have vowed to “mange the world.”

Option two, war.

Those who think the messianic Islamist Rapists are pragmatic and a deal can be reached or, that they can be contained like Soviets were, are at best modern-day Chamberlains and, knowingly or not, are making war inevitable.

All those who have voluntarily chosen, or been prompted to choose option one, thank you all!


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Searchin advices

by مآمور on

Given u, fred, are a wise man, which one of two I should pursue? which one is in the best interest of Israel?

I m cluelees U tell me what I do!

dont underestimate me, first I m an agent second my Omega watch is authentic!

I wear an Omega watch