Time for enjoying vengeance

by Fred

The other day I was talking to an old friend about the horrendous plight of some of the  Islamist “reformists” now languishing in prisons all over Iran who are being tortured psychologically and physically which includes rape.

She a lifelong liberal activist surprised me not only by her lack of interest in the subject, but more so with her dismissive “they deserve it” response. Sadly, in my experience, she is not alone in thinking this way.

I know it is hard to be sympathetic to those who not long ago and many to this very moment consider you as their mortal enemy. But I also know the moment one forgets the basic human rights of his/her enemy, it is the moment one has become the enemy.

There are now many Iranian Islamists who for one reason or another, mostly internal power struggle, are being abused by their former brethrens.  To be nonchalant about their plight or worse yet, celebrate their misery is exactly what got Iran and Iranian into this mess in the first place.  This destructive cycle needs to be broken.


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wow - no compassion nor mercy in your buddies' dictionary

by MM on

Do you want to see these ex-Islamists perish in the prisons or be your partners in a future democratic Iran?  Of course, that is if they have not committed crimes, as determined later. 

Taliban calls IRI a leftist, liberal and godless country.  So, I guess you calling your female friend, who is full of vengence w/ no compassion nor mercy, a liberal is sorta analogous from the other side of the isle.  Isn't it? 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Everybody gets it somehow someday!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Everybody gets it somehow someday! Once the IRR "moderate elements" (coined by Robert Carl "Bud" McFarlane) get it, then it will be hard liners' turn to get it. 

The question is who is going to give it to the hard liners!


Well, there ya go, Farah!

by Rosie. on

It'll be smooth sailing from here on in!




Farah Rusta

by Fred on

The more “they” call me this, that and the other, the more determined I become. To quote the one they adore the most, bring it on.


Mien Führer

by Fred on


Mien Führer a purist Islamist in part says:

 "they deserve it" or "collateral damage" is the argument used for sanctions these days.”

Who says Iranian people “deserve it” or that it is a “collateral” damage?

Cite the source for the direct quotes.

In what context do these people say these things?

What about Islamists and NIAC/CASMII twin lobby advocating status quo which translates into continuation of suffering for the Iranian people and further devastation of Iran?


You are too green, do not skip class

Farah Rusta

And they call you a Zionist?!!!

by Farah Rusta on

Not that I have any issue with Zionism but the sentiments expressed here are puerly Messianic. There is not even a trace of "an eye for an eye."

Rosie darling, 

Were you by any chance one of those with the wild dream? :)

And Tweeti sweeti,

If Fred takes me as a friend, I for one, would be honored. 




'He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even

by Rosie. on

 his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.'

-Thomas Paine 


Kudos to you, Fred!

Now here's the deal. There is probably not one single person onsite who, when clicking on this blog, imagines in their wildest dreams that the title will turn out to be ironic.

Think about it.

Little Tweet

Bekhoda I tried to read your blog

by Little Tweet on

But I kept reading the first line, going back and reading it again... one question kept coming to my head over and over again: Fred has friends?! 

Go figure! :D


"they deserve it" or "collateral damage"


is the argument used for sanctions these days. we say, it hurts iranians, they say, "they deserve it" or "its part of the struggle" or "regime is worse". this reveals much about the various groups, iranians who care for other iranians inside iran (even if they are as you like to say, "islamists") and iranians who dont care and have self interested motives...


You are right

by MRX1 on

But it's tough to forgive people who untill yesterday particiapted in brutalizing people .  What makes it tough is these folks never appologized for their part. For example you never hear Ganji or sazgara appologizing to the people or the families of people they hurt , so how can you be sympathatic to them? or Mr. opium fested Mousavi that just discovered how f*ed up the system is, yet he does not talk about his role during the time that he was in charge. so you see till they come clean what you see is what you get.