Tiptoeing into war

by Fred

Barring an extraordinary last minute extension of appeasement by the sane world or IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic coming clean about its weaponized nuke, the imposition of new set of sanctions is a sure thing.

The severity and extent of the sanctions regime is yet to be worked out, but if the previous three sets of them are any guide, they will be feel good move with little or no hope of achieving the desired goal.

Should this latest set of “punitive sanctions” be as feckless as the others have been, while facing no serious impediment by the weak sanctions, the Islamist Rapists will be once again awarded a propaganda tool to play the victim.

There are influential circles which have already written off sanctions as an effective tool to confront the messianic Islamist Rapists from acquiring nuke and are openly talking about the dredged war option.

Although one could not dismiss the possibility of war as being the last option to stop IRR, but before it gets to that other less frightening methods have to be exhausted.

By now the Islamist Rapists have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are not into negotiating a peaceful end to their weaponized nuke adventurism, just as they have refused to discuss the barbaric way they treat Iranian citizens who are asking for their most basic human rights.

For the sake of averting the war which the Islamist Rapists are intent on imposing on Iran and the entire ME, the sane world has to help Iranian people with material support and imposition of airtight sanctions on IRR with the express goal of regime change.  




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