Tony Blair is right


by Fred

Love him or hate him, dismiss him as a has-been or consider him as the ultimate establishment man, Tony Blair represents a formidable constituency in the sane world and his recent call against IRR is right on the mark from their point of view. 

One can counter his call to consider military option against the nuke acquiring messianic Islamists bent on “managing the world" with civilly recounting the recent history, or go at it like the rabid Islamists do with loutish language. At the end, it makes not a bit of difference.

The fact remains many lawmakers in the sane world detected a threat from Iraq and voted, which in the  U.S. was overwhelmingly, for militarily ousting the tyrant and did so.  The afterward vote getting politicking trying to distance themselves from their decision has no bearing on the core mechanism when it comes to protecting national security and way of life.

Push comes to shove with IRR, and it is, the sane world would not hesitate a second to attack and attack with devastating force.

Politicians will skillfully protect their jobs afterward like the famous “anti-war” U.S. Senator who said of his part in voting for Iraq resolution: “I voted for it [war] before I voted against it.”

 Before the critical mass is formed in the sane world, those who truly care for Iran and Iranians, who are anti-war and anti-IRR which has proven to be unreformable, must do all they can to help overthrow the messianic Islamist Rapists. And try to convince the sane world to wholeheartedly back the sanctions route and help the enslaved Iranians with material support to overthrow their Islamist Rapist tyrants.  

Imposition of airtight sanctions which include ban of purchase of blood oil and gas from IRR is the last hope, the alternative is being advocated by establishment which has proven its propensity to eliminate the threat and think of the clean up as an afterthought. 




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خدا عمرت بده داداش مجازی


دکی، خدا عمرت بده داداش مجازی. همه حرف دوستان دور وبر بیسوادی و املاء و انشای بد منه، حالا شما اون را ارتقاء مقام میدی؟

زیاد هم رند خود خوانده را به دل نگیر، رندان ورای این حرفها هستند. اینترنتت پُر سرعت باد.


ببخشین آقا فرد


رندی ما هم مثه مسیحیت  تونی بلر قلابیه. آخه شما اونقدر اینگلیست کلاس بالاس که واسه من بیسوات شیش کلاس درس خوانده مشکله همون دفعه اول بفهمم چی‌ به چیه. داداش یه کمی هم به ما کلاس اکابریا رحم کن در حدی بنویس که این رند قلابی هم بتونه بفهمه وگرنه ما همیشه مخلص آقا فرد بوده و هستیم. بقول رفقا:  زّت زیاد.



بصیرت رندان


اخوی نادیدۀ مجازی، از خود رند خوانده بصیرت بیش از این توقع می رود. اگر الطفات بیشتری می کردید و با کمی دقت مرقومه را میخواندید ملتفت می شدیدکه رد تزکار جرجیسیان جان کلام بوده و لا غیر. عزت زیاد و جهان به کامتان باد.


آقا فرد از میون پیغمبر ا جرجیس پیدا کردی داداش


 مام میگیم توف بگور جمهوری اسلامی ولی‌ اخوی دیگه ادم نباید به هر کس و ناکسی رو بندازه که چه خبره میخواد رژیم عوض کنه. این تونی بلیر رفت خودشو قلفتی انداخت توی تنبون جورج بوش که یعنی میخواد بشریتو نجات بده اگرهم سنگین سرجاش نشسته بود و هیچ کار نمیکرد صدام میرفت فقط خودشو ننر کرد که بگه علی‌ آبادم ده‌‌‌‌ای هست. حالا شمام  سنگین سر جات بنشین و خودتو زرتی زرتی خراب نکن.



Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

Let's get rid of it.


Thank You. 


It should be a crime

by Escape on

Disturbing a good read on the toitty



Tony is right

by mahmoudg on

I just dont like the idea of Bush/Obama's lap dog, Tony Blair, sounding off attacks.  I agree 10000% that surgical attacks are the only way left to be rid of the Islamic Rapist Cultists and their brainwashed Basij/IRGC force.  I just much rather have an American or an Israeli say it than a has been Englishman only trying to defent his much maligned British interests.  Of all the empires who have been in existance.  the first and most humane of which was the Persian empire, the British have the worst and darkest record when it comes to human rights.  I much rather not have anything to do with the English, whose status as far as I am concerned is no better than the Arabs, for humanity.


"namak nashnas"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

As monarchists likes to call me!

Here we have a bunch of middle aged to elderly agha zaadeh's sitting in canada and london and entire commonwealth of Britain, foul mothing the guy who was after all democratically elected (and booted out of office) by the British working classes whose tax money pay for these namak nashnas agha zades' social security and  "education" in some third rate english/canadian university, whilst "studying" some useless obscure good for nobody subject. Really, Really ,Really. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


I agree with Fred

by J.S. on

Tony represents the sane world.


Bliar Bliar, Fred's neocon pants on Fire!


history will not be kind to warmongers, be it leaders of countries or their tireless  apologists.. 

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

Michael Mansfield QC tells Channel 4 News that there is enough evidence for the

International Criminal Court to mount a case against Tony Blair.





"It demonstrates a flagrant disregard of the rule of law which is
what the United Kingdom is supposed to adhere to over the centuries.

"It is really saying to the world 'never mind the second resolution we can do what we want to do'.

think that disregard for the rule of law is the worst possible example
when you're trying to persuade people to give up nuclear weapons and
adhere to the UN and you yourself don't go down that avenue.


Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

Fred, -- ------- ------- Comrade is just as much  a smelly fuglies cyber rep, as I'm a Blunt of a basij/mossad double agent and Tory BLiar isn't a warmongering, insane murderous thug of a gay Catholic in denial, detested by the British public!

But then again I'm only the mistress focused on his member; not memberships!



"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"

Comrade, I'm going to start to flatly keep score. Can you please find me 'gole sangam' sung by the lady with a Red accent? 


No insult was intended

by comrade on

It was only a digital expansion of the sacred word. It was a mistake, Fred. Thanks for the correction.

Whenever you're done with hitting this Commie punch bag, go back to your books and papers to see if you could find some merit in what I just tried to allude.

Israel's insistence on having the sole regional hegemony is becoming problematic for the sane world that you happen to pretend representing.

Sooner, or later my dear Jewish friends have to learn how to share.

Name calling is not kosher.


Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



IRR cyber rep

by Fred on

“You go ( I mean you tell Israeal to go) back to pre-67 border, then Iran will wrap up her nuke stuff in return.”

Offering quid pro quo deals on behalf of IRR denotes the connection and authority to do so. The IRR cyber rep might care to have his/her own Islamist Rapist bosses contact their Israeli nemesis directly, or have their cyber rep do it for them.

BTW, since like his/her predecessor, this cyber rep of IRR is also keen on correct spelling, the correct spelling of the nemesis of the Islamists/anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies is Israel and not “Israeal.”


Let's make a deal with the sane world!

by comrade on

You go ( I mean you tell Israeal to go) back to pre-67 border, then Iran will wrap up her nuke stuff in return. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Fred's new best friend, Tony Bliar


showing your true colors with every passing day. the sanctions ENDS in war and destruction neocon war advocate Fred. I like the way you frame the debate as if the sanctions will actually help overthrow the regime. no it will not. All it will do is keep the regime contained while the ordinary iranians suffer until the day west can go to war with iran. Just like Iraq. And who are the primary proponents of airtight sancitons? You and Tony Blair's friends in Israel.


tony blair is an established christian lunatic, just like Bush. 


The former British Prime Minister's former press secretary spilled the
goods recently. In his recently published diaries he says:

Tony Blair
had a "wobble" on the eve of his first bombing mission against Saddam
Hussein after a late-night reading of the Bible, Alastair Campbell
writes in his diaries serialised in today's Guardian.
In a powerful illustration of the impact of Blair's faith on his
actions, Campbell writes that a New Testament story about Herod and John
the Baptist prompted prime ministerial jitters hours before the launch
of an Anglo-American bombing mission against Iraq in December 1998.
Campbell, who famously dismissed questions about Blair's faith by saying
"we don't do God", admits in his diaries that the former prime minister
often read the Bible before he took "really big decisions".