Top 5 hopes

by Fred

It is NoRooz, Happy New Year to Mother Earth.

I hope this year will be the one in which none of her children go hungry, suffer from lack of medical care and be persecuted for their thoughts and beliefs.  And, most urgent of all, stop tearing each other apart with God-awful implements of death and destruction.

I hope this year will be the one in which Iranians too will be able to sing, in the words of the “old Negro spiritual” recounted by the late King:

"Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"


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And the fifth

by مآمور on

1-none of her children go hungry,

2 suffer from lack of medical care

3 be persecuted for their thoughts and beliefs

4 most urgent of all, stop tearing each other apart with God-awful implements of death and destruction.


I mnot going to attempt finishing off Fred's blog- not because of lack of wishes- 

we can count Fred.if u say five then provide five!!

I wear an Omega watch

The Prince

Thank you and Shame!!

by The Prince on

Thank you Fred for the beautiful blog. I am with you, especially on your last hope.

And shame on you, who spew nothing but haterd and garbage, even during this few beautiful days of mother earth's rebirth!

Ah.. there's a lot more to say, but Nuff said for now! It is norooz after all!!


...tearing each other apart?!"

by Demo on

No..... No.....No! That is GOD's fault per the imposter's own words:

"........ with God-awful implements of death and destruction."

& in regard to the gibberish case in point, Exhibit A, of the pro-imposter:

Since the 'bind in hearts' of the 'Earth's illegitimate children!!' have no concepts of GOD's given 'gifts (presents)' & since they are like the 'blinds' & the 'deafs' to the GOD's power in creating the 'mama Earh!! (& who the hell is the papa then?), they are like the 'absentees' in the crowd! Cyber gibberish enough?    


Voulez vous le fromage?

by Arj on

Isn't it ironic that one who spends the rest of the year spewing hatred towards leftists, JM and Nehzat Azadi... (who constitute a considerable portion of the population as well as political prisoners), tries to invoke MLK's notion of freedom "for all" and preach against "...tearing each other apart?!"


Cyber Stalkers also specialize in Cyber Gibberish

by AMIR1973 on

Case in point, Exhibit A: 

Being either 'bind', 'deaf' or 'both' is not a 'present' but an all time 'absence!'


'The Blinds & the Deafs' Roll Call

by Demo on

Being either 'bind', 'deaf' or 'both' is not a 'present' but an all time 'absence!'


Cyber Stalker #1 & Cyber Stalker #2 present and accounted for

by AMIR1973 on

I was about to send a search party out for our Stalinist West-residing IRI Groupie and our Quran-quoting West-residing IRI Groupie, but they have shown up for their daily roll call. Carry on.


Top 2 Prayers!

by Demo on

Hope GOD would bring the '(in)sane world' along with all its slaves on IC to his justice & would expedite the eartly return of the King of all times, Jesus Christ, to let the world know what exactly the 'earth worshippers' did to him in exchange for bringing them the message of the truth!

PS: How blind in heat one could be who does not see the King's thanking of 'GOD Almighty' for freeing him from the shackles of 'egoism' & 'igonrance!' 


I'm SHOCKED that one of Fred's persistent cyber stalkers

by AMIR1973 on

felt the need to change the subject from his/her hilarious obsession with Gooz (or should I say Gaza, aka a worthless stretch of Arab sand, rocks, and sewage) to the Shaghigheh of NoRooz. Shocked, I say!



by پندارنیک on

Isn't it utterly ironic that a message of hope to Mother Earth comes from those who support scorching it by white phosphoric bombs, and use a quote from the black man?! invade and occupy other nation's earth?.........those who advocate destruction and hardship for peoples on this earth? All under the disguise of freedom for all?.............they can fool no one anymore............All they want is all of Mother Earth for themselves................Not anymore, not anymore........