The top 65

by Fred

There is absolute freedom in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, but as has long been said by many activist inside and those who have fled to the sane world, the exercise of any sort of freedom carries a hefty price in “the land of the hidden imam”.

Take for example the recent special bulletin issued by the uniformed thugs division of the Islamist Rapists’ suppression enforcement, aka, police.  Apparently in a uniquely Islamist take on FBI’s top ten list of most wanted, they have come up with IRR’s top sixty five list, picture and all.  

The top sixty five has been printed in large number and is being put up in schools, mosques and other places.

And the suspects are none other than the demonstrators, who the Islamist Rapists did not get to run over by their police vans, murder in cold blood, throw over overpasses, severely wound with buckshot or take in to be raped and generally pummeled to near death. Lets “bear witness” this atrocity too.






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