Trashy language in Iran

by Fred

Ever since IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, took over Iran, the highly formal Persian language used in public settings, especially by people in authority, gave way to the Islamist Rapist language that these people are most at home with.

From their founder, the mass murderer Khomeini and then his successor the Head Rapist Khamenei, all the way to the lowest level Islamist Rapists doing their Islamist duty at hundreds of torture and rape centers dotting the country, all use a decidedly loutish and downright gutter language.  

So it was surprising to read the following news report on the reasons given for the latest round of arresting the so called underground Iranian musicians. The Greater Tehran’s Islamist Rapist Police Chief, Hussein something or other says:

“These groups use the most trashy, juvenile and street-like words and phrases that have no place in proper grammar,"  

Add “proper grammar” to the long list of what Islamist Rapists are enforcing. Do as the Islamist Rapists say, not as the Islamist Rapists do.  




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Triple Haji 4

by Fred on

The triple Haji can call me whatever his Islamist mindset desires, it is not going to change a thing about the reality of the situation. Boro Haji, for the last time, khodeti!


Freddy Krueger 3

by HHH on

My own British government? Makeup your mind, am I a Haji, a Mullah, a regime supporter, a British or you have no freaking clue what you're talking about?!

And you wonder why I call you a moron!

After seeing you I'm begining to think it's better to talk trashy than to be a trash, talking!



Triple Haji 3

by Fred on

The triple Haji is late to this game of playing semantics.

What the triple Haji tries to pull with confusing “Islamism” with the virulent “Islamist” political ideology is no go from the get go.

His own British government makes the distinction between Islam and Islamists all the time, but hey, triple Haji is trying. Once again,  khodeti !


Freddy Krueger 2

by HHH on

From Webster Dictionary: Islamism:

1.  The faith, doctrine, or cause of Islam 2.

  A popular reform movement advocating the reordering of government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam


So you're saying "Islamists are not muslims"?!!!! What are they? Hindus?

I think the word you're referring to is "Extremist" because Islamist does include hundreds of millions of people.

Now to call IRI "Extremists" would be 70% true because 70% of IRI are hardliners. The other 30% want change, they were against Khamenehii election to the position of leadership, against Ahmadinejad & they're totally against rapes, hangings and censorship.

That's why I say don't beat the whole school with the same ruler!

By the way HHH is my real name initials. Unlike you I will never use an American name instead of my own beautiful Iranian name ;)


Triple Haji 2

by Fred on

Someone should teach triple Haji that Islamists are not Muslims. This trick the Islamist Rapists and their supporters like the triple Haji use ain’t gonna work.

Muslims are the biggest victims of the Islamist Rapists.

Calling me a “moron” or “boy” is not going to solve your problem. Again, khodeti!


Freddy Krueger !

by HHH on

Someone should teach you some manner. They should teach you that calling anyone "ISLAMIST/RAPIST" implies that all Islamists or muslims, the whole 2,000,0000,000 of them are either rapists or support systematic rape! 

That puts you in the "moron" category!

I know it's hard for you to comprehend but no matter how many individuals commit crimes in the darkness of IRI prisons that would not justify using Islamist and Rapist side by side.

And I say this while personally I don't believe in any organized religions period.

Now start sending more Haji crap boy.


Q, Exactly What I thought!

by HHH on

He seems to be under 35, raised in the US, having never lived in Iran longer than a visit, he's probably Jewish(80%), or Bahaii(20%), because I see an urge in him to beat down Iran & the regime religiously, he has a college-degree but he either works in computer industry or is self-employed with lots of free time on his hand. He was not in Iran during 79 revolution or during war and he definitly wasn't in Iran before 79 & during Shah. 

He's right about 1 thing though, the "lowlife-class" of Iran sure use dirty language in public no matter what position they have.


Triple Haji

by Fred on

Triple Haji says:

“Calling the whole system rapist because a few thugs raped a prisoner against the country's laws”


There are more than “a prisoner” who bravely have testified to having been raped by the Islamist Rapists, and have had their claim backed by medical evidence. These rape victims include Iranian men, women and children. And the rapes go as far back as the beginning of the Islamist Rapist Republic.

The triple Haji can just read about it in Montazeri’s diary. In it he talks about it and even complains to mass murderer Khomeini about prisoners being raped which Khomeini brushes off. So  much for the triple Haji’s “laws”

Calling a verified Rapist system a Rapist system, as unsavory as it is to its supporters, it is nevertheless factually correct and this triple Haji and other Islamist Rapist supporters have to learn to live with reality. Khodeti!


HHH, it's more than that, it's war propaganda

by Q on

Thanks for your excellent observation, HHH but if you know what FredCo is doing, you would not be surprised.

"Rapes" happen in lots of places, including US Prisons and Shah-era prisons (quite extensive documentation of that). Using the term "rapist" over and over again, just like "airtight sanctions" is a propaganda technique, often employed by neoconservatives and Israel hawks. It is meant to spread propaganda and rouse anger and emotion to make peace impossible. FredCo wants war with Iran, and this is a well-calculated and often used device to demonize the enemy to such a point that even a reasonable person would say "we have to kill them." Case in point: Saddam Hussein. How often did you hear about "rape rooms", and toture before the war? The same blood suckers aren't talking about rape and torture of Iraqis now, are they?

It's an insult and a spit in the face of any rape victim and any human rights activist, to be used like this as a shiny toy excuse in the service of genocidal war advocates. It's one of several qualities that squarely put FredCo in the dedicated service of Zio-conservatives.


Just Look @ Fred's Language, No Wonder!

by HHH on

Before the usual labling starts let me first say that I hate this regime more than most of you, but there's an extremist-way and a logical-way. The easy way is to say "To hell with all" and close your eyes to the facts. 

Calling the whole system rapist because a few thugs raped a prisoner against the country's laws is the same as calling Shah's kingdom the Torture-Kingdom because a few Savakis tortured anti-government activists.

Seeing black and white can cause the other side to see us black and white too & there will be no end to this childish domino-effect.

Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan Funny You Forgot to Mention Your Friend Larijani

by Darius Kadivar on

Adab az Keh Amookhty ? Az Bee Adaban:




An Iranian official referred to U.S. president Barack Obama as “kaka siah”, a term used to translate the offensive word “nigger” in Persian Literature, according to an Iranian news agency. 

Speaking at a gathering of the political organization Islamic Society of Engineers on Saturday, Mohammad Javad Larijani, a senior advisor to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said when Obama first came to power, he spoke about dialogue and cooperation with Iran, but “what has happened that now this ‘kaka siah’ is talking about regime change in Iran?” Asr Iran reported. 

“I’m not racist but I have to say something to this man [Obama],” he added 

Sargord Pirouz

Here's some trashy talk from Israel

by Sargord Pirouz on

Here you go, folks from Fred. Want to hear your fellow Israelis call President Obama a f*ckin' n*gger? Watch the video: