Trita Parsi's McCarthyism


by Fred

Got email from Trita Parsi.

No, it wasn’t a reminder about the anniversary of the Student Demonstration which was brutally suppressed during the much-ballyhooed “reformist” masquerade of the Islamists’ rule in Iran.

 Here is part of the alarming email:

“Sometime in August, Secretary Clinton will decide whether to keep the Mujahedin-e Khalq on the US’s terrorist list. This is a decision that will have significant implications for the Iranian-American community, the United States and the people of Iran.

… Delisting the Mujahedin would … threaten the free voices of the Iranian-American community in the US. …

Trita Parsi, PhD


Since Trita Parsi, the Lifetime President of the NIAC Lobby only sends emails and refuses to respond to the repeated requests for answers; here is one of the three questions which were posed:

 US Constitution has withstood the test of time and many nasty characters, why would the dreaded “delisting” of the Mujahedin devils “threaten the free voices of the Iranian-American community in the US”?

In a bid to eliminate an equally unsavory lobbying competitor, this use of McCarthyish method by the NIAC Lobby is not going to work and will backfire.    


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by Reality-Bites on

You are delving into the hypothetical somewhat, but I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Taking your last question first, I have no idea how many MEK members are into Maryam and Masoud or how many have joined the group out of hardship. But the fact that many have ended up in Iraq is at the very least some sign of their dedication to Maryam/Masoud et al.

As to your question regarding some MEK members (again, hypothetically) being unhappy about their situation and looking for a way out, it depends you mean. Do you mean they no longer want to be MEK members and reject the leadership genuinely or do you mean they are just looking to get out of their present predicament, but will remain members?                                                                                                                                    If you mean the former, yes I would support (I'm no representative any movement btw) some kind of solution to help them out their plight and, if the are willing, to join the democratic opposition. If the latter, I would, on humanitarian grounds, would back some kind of solution for their safety (those in camp Ashraf), but otherwise would have nothing to do with them.


Vildemose & Reality Bites

by Parham on

Now what if you knew, with some degree of certainty, that the MEK members were actually unhappy in general about the way they were "kept" and were actually looking for a way out of the quagmire they put themselves in in the first place (which is actually/logically the situation right now, especially with how they're under pressure re camp Ashraf)?

Would you (or rather, wouldn't you), as representatives of the "democratic movement", try to negotiate a deal out of their situation with them (and with the authorities that have their fate in their hands -- the US and Iraq), whereas they would take up arms for "liberating" Iran (which they are doing anyway), against bringing them support and guaranteeing their freedom?

I mean, how many of them do you think are REALLY that much into Maryam and Masoud? How many do you think have joined the ranks of the MEK out of hardship in their lives in the first place alone?



by Reality-Bites on

I doubt if I would have a "favourable opinion" of the MEK under any circumstances, after what they have done and their sordid history.

However, IF the rank and file members of MEK and ordinary supporters of the organization, who personally did not take part in the decision making and acts against Iran (e.g. initially supporting the IR and then siding with Saddam against Iran) were to totally reject their leadership and leave this discredited group and join/support a movement for genuine freedom and democracy in Iran, then I for one would have no objection to their involvement.


the "opposition" (the real

by vildemose on

the "opposition" (the real one, the one that wants true democracy in Iran) was able to use MEK as its military arm to combat the ruling bastards, provided they gave up siding with the Rajavis and stood with the democratic crowd?

Would you people, in that case, have a favorable opinion of the MKO/MEK/PMOI/whatever?

 You might be onto something here. I personally don't mind it but giving up Rajavi et al is a tall order?? We need to do some research and gather some data from the group members to gague their responses.


What if...

by Parham on

... the "opposition" (the real one, the one that wants true democracy in Iran) was able to use MEK as its military arm to combat the ruling bastards, provided they gave up siding with the Rajavis and stood with the democratic crowd?

Would you people, in that case, have a favorable opinion of the MKO/MEK/PMOI/whatever?



by Simorgh5555 on

You are wrong. His name is Baron VEVAK.


“fake account”

by Fred on

Nothing; absolutely nothing would deter me from voicing my opinion and opposition to the Iranian raping, maiming and murdering Islamist Rapists, their enablers and gofers.

I suggest "BaronAvak” and likeminded try to answer the question posed. They can always write a blog dedicated to whatever makes them happy including giving it to "fake account" holders, whatever that means.  

Keep on trucking!



by Simorgh5555 on

Brilliant blog as usual. Just checked the NIAC website. Still no mention of anniversary of Neda Agha Soltan. Still no mention of the crackdown of opposition and demonstrators in the summer and winter of 2009. After all the pathetic human rights posturing the IR poodle Trita Parsi can only think of one thing thrle MEK. So he should. The MEK is an existential threat to NIAC's IR lobby. If Trita Parsi actually used the same words of condemnaton for the Islamic Republic then I might see his point. Still, if the MEK comes to power then you can bet Parsi will be the new ambassador of the MEK in Washington DC


Here's my position on MKO/MEK

by Reality-Bites on

I completely oppose this opportunistic and treacherous group for:

a) doing its part to help bring the Islamic Republic to power,

and then, having failed to get its way under the IR (after gullibly being taken in by Khomeini and co, like so many other imbeciles),

b) once more betraying Iran by helping Saddam's war against it.

However, as I'm a believer in freedom and as much as I personally find it distasteful, I support MKO/MEK's right to free speech and being allowed to have their say.

Shutting up people you dislike/disapprove of is not a sign of a free and democratic mind-set and no way to establish a society that upholds those principles.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Who's McCarthy? Also a Traitor?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Boy, this "lobby" business must be paying big time! Everybody and their dogs are lobbying for one thing or the other on the Hill.

In US, do you need a permit to lobby; say for the opening up of relations with a Terror Sponsoring regime - or just a nice and soft handkerchief (Dastmal Yazdi) will do?


Behold the terrorist apologists (Fred)

by BaronAvak on

The MKO is responsible for the deaths of Americans and Iranians alike.  It is a cult-like terrorist group and fought side-by-side with Saddam Hossein in brutalizing Kurds and Shias in Iraq.  And yet our resident anti-Iranian spam propagandist fake account "Fred" lobbies for them.  



Trita, doesn't want any

by vildemose on

Trita, doesn't want any competition. I don't think he sincerely thinks that the MKO is any threat to Iranian inside Iran...Just like any other businessman, who doesn't want another business opening up right next to his business and selling the same basic product...

Some of the MKO cult leadership are exponentially smarter than Trita and that's why he is afraid of them..


Where does NIAC stand on

by vildemose on


Islamist regime's fear of MKO is as well known.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

As it seems this self appointed, "life president" for iranain_americans' lobbying effort on their behalf. But this ridiculous claim by this representative in US of the spokesman of the god on earth, trying to link the de listing of sworn enemy of the islamist regime as somehow affecting the livelihood of Iranian_americans, prove  how out of touch this arrogant wanabe "political figure" is with real life experience of Iranian_americans.  

I used to be indifferent about this self appointed leader and his group, but the more I learn , the more alarmed I am becoming.....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Can I cordially invite...

by پندارنیک on

...our dear learned friend, Fred, to clearly......I mean effing most clearly and most comprehensively......explain his position regarding MKO?


Trita or Trite

by Tavana on

'Trite' or 'Stereotyped' means lacking freshness that evokes attention or interest per Merriam Webster's Dictionary. Is not the 'Fred, MEK, Trita' trinity is a 'trite' itself?


The same old habit

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Isn"t it frustrating seeing the self-declared only left super-power doing the same cheap tricks again and again ? In 1953 they supported the Shah as a tool to end the liberal and patriotic Mossadegh-gouvernment. (Later they were surprised why the iranian people in 1979 greeted Khomeini with open arms).  So they had to look for an other idiot willing to counter-ballance this new thread IRI:  And Sadam Hussein was just the right sort of character:  rudeless and expansive, just needed some hidden political and financial support from the US to attack Iran (until late 80s, when war was over and they were surprised again that their puppet Sadam aggressively demanded the payment for his "service" and finally got out of control of the state department). In parallel, the 80s were also the decade when the US nurished the Taliban, Hekmatjar and even Al-Quidar, because they were all willing idiots in the gloabl battle of the US against the soviets. Nowadays, all three of them (Taliban, AQ and Hekmatjars Hisb-al-Islami) are the prime target of US war-on-terror.

There is a poem by Goethe that probably describes this best. It is called "The Sorcerers Apprentice". Wikipedia explains it :

Der Zauberlehrling is well-known in the German-speaking world.
The lines in which the apprentice implores the returning sorcerer to
help him with the mess he has created have turned into a cliché, especially the line Die Geister, die ich rief
("The spirits that I called"), a garbled version of one of Goethe's
lines, which is often used to describe a situation where somebody
summons help or uses allies that he cannot control, especially in

I can"t critisize Mr. Parsi for his complain about Clintons idea of delisting MEK. I think if this complain would have been signed not by Trita Parsi/NIAC but anybody else, many more would agree with it. Of course he has his own reasons to fear a potential delisting. For him MEK is just another competitor in the Lobby.