Troops, you’ve done America proud

by Fred

It was said emphatically, repeatedly and some continue to say it to this day that:

They’ve been sent there to loot the country.

They will colonize the country.

They will never leave.

They will …

The reality being:

After unseating a serial military invader who had the blood of many hundreds of thousands of Iranians as well as Iraqis on his hands, and by all probability would have ruled the country for many more decades before handing it to his equally diabolical sons:

Today, the last contingent of the victorious American military units left Iraq.

Today, the Iraqi people are masters of their own destiny.

Today, the current rapid changes in the for longest time tyranny ruled region can be traced back to defeating Saddam Hussein.  

Welcome home soldiers, you’ve done America proud.


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Oon Yaroo

Kim Jong Il is dead as in 6 feet under!

by Oon Yaroo on

Condolences to the elements of Hezbollah and IRR thugs.

Hopefully the next one to go under is Ali Khamenei et al!


Thanks to US, Saddam is gone, Kords Freed, Al-Qaida stopped

by IranFirst on


Saddam, The killer of hundreds of thousands of Iranians (and Iraqis) is dead and his Klan is gone (mostly). Saddam hated Iran and Iranians (IRI or not) if he or his sons were still around , Iran would have been the first place he would have tested his future Nuclear weapons on. Thank you US troops for your sacrifices.

Our Kordish Brothers (these are real brothers to Iranians, not the fake stupid Islamic kind of brothers) are freed to build a prosperous future for themselves. Thank you US Troops

The Islamist Al-Qaida beheaders (Zarqavi types) are dead and could not take the power and create another barbaric Islamic state, Sure they stil explode themselves once in a while, but that's for the elected Iraqi government to deal with. Thanks US Troops.

Its great that US companies are helping Iraq rebuild. Iraq is free to choose who they want to deal with, but I am sure besides economical reasons they remember who helped them get rid of Saddam (US), and who was insisting that Saddam should stay in power so they can make money (Russia, France,...) despite Saddam killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.




No cigar!

by Arj on

I wouldn't pop the bubbly yet, for Iraq as a country, practically does not exist anymore! With the Kurdistan Regional Government flying its own flag in the recent months and offering the U.S. permanent military bases, it's only a matter of time (once the oil income distribution and Kerkuk issues are resolved) to officially separate and declare independance! Shia and Sunni issues are another looming crisis in the waiting -- again, depending on the outcome of oil income distribution!

Meanwhile, about 25,000 Americans (including thousands of "civilian contractors" in addition to the embassy staff) will still occupy Iraq, while bulk of the lucrative oil, gas, reconstruction projects, power, water, phone... contracts for the next two decades were secured under the authority of American governors that ruled Iraq during the first three years of the occupation!


West-residing Islamist Groupie compares US to Nazi Germany

by AMIR1973 on

A "mind" born out of the filth and animal-like conditions of 7th century rapist Arab Bedouin murderers cannot be made an ounce more decent or human-like through its use of American inventions (e.g. computer or the Internet).  


Gestapo, you've done Germany proud!

by Tavana on

Do the titles similarities ring a bell with what was known as Holocaust??

PS: Except for Oon Yaroo, thanks much every body else below for their postings. GOD bless you all.

Oon Yaroo

God bless the American troops!

by Oon Yaroo on

Don't mess with them!

They may come after you....!

salman farsi

Brother Fred I wish you had not asked me this question

by salman farsi on


What comes below is only the tip of the iceberg brother. Please takes your time to digest them: 


Maliki calls on U.S. firms to help rebuild Iraq



Iraq Draws U.S. Hotel Operators Banking on Business Travel




As troops leave, Iraq wants surge of American business

(Also watch what Al Maliki own deputy says about the Iranian-run lackey Nouri Al Maliki).




How about predomiantly American security companies opering in Iraq? 



US companies in Iraq: touting for business





In Rebuilding Iraq’s Oil Industry, U.S. Subcontractors Hold Sway





US Chamber of Commerce Seeks American Investment in Iraq



Iraq Investment and Reconstruction Task Force



But the early winner was, yoes brother, you guessed it:


Exxon Mobile ($50 billion) 




Well brother for the rest of the evidence please contact Messers Bush and Cheney.


Tabreek brother! 



For an Islamic democracy


salman farsi

by Fred on

Estimates speak of a trillion dollars which US spent in Iraq.

You say:

“The only thing they were victorious in was the contracts given to American companies and funded by Iraqi oil wealth.”

Would you mind backing up your claim by facts?

And, yes, even though you disagree with my opinion, I am “real” in what I say.

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

Iraq and Iraqi citizens that were lucky enough not to have been murdered by the number of ONE MILLION, over FOUR MILLION displaced refugees in dire straits, quite notably in neighbouring Syria and a country  also left with a political stronghold by the IRI.


P.S. Has the grand US of A ever won any wars it keeps starting or does it just  "strategically withdraw"?

salman farsi

Brother Fred are you real?

by salman farsi on


"Today, the Iraqi people are masters of their own destiny."


You mean leaving Iraq in the hands of Nouri Al-Maleki, the lackey of the Tehran regime is equivalent of being the master of their own destiny????


And being a close ally of the Islamic regime that has the blood of hundreds of thousand of Iranians on its hand is better  or different from having Saddam in power???


and in case you have a covenient lapse of memory brother, remember that while Saddam was shedding the blood of those Iranians (that you added to Iranianize your highly charged all American outburst) he was supplied and aided by the same victorious American wapr planner namley Mr Rumsfeld:


"As with all sovereign nations, we respect Iraq's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity."

-- Donald Rumsfeld, 1983

"This is a regime that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people."
-- Donald Rumsfeld, March 21, 2003



The victrious American could not even fix Iraqs electrical power grid which in Baghdad is even worse than the days of Saddam:



The only thing they were victorious in was the cotracts given to Ameircan companies and funded by Iraqi oil wealth.


Tabreek Brother! 



For an Islamic democracy



by پندارنیک on

I only wonder how much longer the American tax payers can endure the Israeli agenda.....


And on the definition of  victorious savages.......