Two days in Turkey


by Fred

In three days the representatives of the sane world are scheduled to have yet another sit-down with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, this time in Islamist controlled Turkey.

The Islamist Rapist side has announced its willingness to talk about everything including the “major challenges the world is facing.” However, it has once again reiterated its long standing-and to date practiced- unwillingness to discuss its illegal nuke program and its weaponized application.

Talking about talking has run its course. As has been the case all along, the two choices the sane world has are stark. Either come to some sort of Chamberlainesque appeasement with one faction or the other within IRR which is bent on “managing the world”, or decide mistakes made while dealing with the rise of the Nazis are not to be repeated.

If the decision is to confront the hubris of the messianic Islamists, then it is time to let reality dictate the policy. Reality is given the opportunity, those Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming and murdering Islamist Rapists would in a New York minute do far worse to others than any sane mind can contemplate.

It is time for the decision to be made to openly help the enslaved Iranian people with needed materials to overthrow their Islamist tyrants. It is time to speed up the demise of this unreformable Islamist menace by imposing airtight sanctions which include its life line, the sale of blood oil and gas.






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yeh, IRI will make the bomb if they can

by Fesenjoon on

در سالهای اول انقلاب سال ۵۷، به دکتر فریدون فشارکی دستوراتی داده شد که به محمد بهشتی، که در آن زمان یکی از مشاورین آیت‌الله خمینی بود، نسبت داده شده‌است:

"وظیفه شماست که بمب اتمی را برای حزب جمهوری اسلامی بسازید."



Leonard S. Spector with Jacqueline R. Smith, ''Nuclear Ambitions: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons, 1989-1990'' (Boulder: Westview Press, 1990), p. 208.

David Segal, ''«Atomic Ayatollahs; Just what the Mideast needs - an Iranian bomb,»'' The Washington Post, 12 April 1987


blabla nuclear alarmism blabla


That is all I've heard from you neocon war advocate Fred, doing Israel's bidding on Yes, even your hero Benjamin Netanyahu has the audacity to talk about human rights for Iran and bombing it at the same time. Neocons/Likudnists are funny that way.


Turkish (blood)bath

by comrade on


Can I cordially ask our learned friend, Fred, to elaborate on the nature of the  "needed material", and the method of its delivery ? The sane world still struggles with the bloody memory of "Gaza flotilla raid".

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.