The two Irans


by Fred

On May the 26th. David Miliban, Britain’s Foreign Secretary published an article in the New York Times on IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s illegal nuke program and the ways of dealing with it.

Although in limiting the menace of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic to its weaponized nuke adventurism the write-up is representative of the continuation of shortsightedness by the sane world, elsewhere in the article it also reveals a welcomed major shift of understanding by the sane world.

Here is the passage in which a clear distinction is made between Iran and IRR:

“One Iran is seen in a highly educated, entrepreneurial people, with a celebrated culture and civilization. That Iran exists in diasporas around the world, but is also clearly present among those in Iran demanding a right to have a say in the future of their country.

Then there is an Iran whose economy is a mess. Despite sitting on the world’s second largest gas reserves, it imports gas. Corruption is rife — Transparency International ranks Iran 168 out of 180 countries. According to the I.M.F. it has the highest brain drain in the world. This Iran destabilizes its neighborhood by supporting terrorism; isolates itself from international cooperation on Afghanistan; rants about the destruction of Israel and suggests that U.S. support for a devastated Haiti is a ploy to invade it. This Iran restricts access by its educated citizenry to international media for fear of what they might learn. 

The regime deliberately confuses these Irans.”

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Referendum which established IRR as the legitimate representative of the Iranian people.  After thirty years and so much evidence testifying to the loss of that short lived legitimacy, it is time for the sane world to also stop the deliberate confusion between the people of Iran and their nemesis IRR.

Negotiation with the illegitimate representatives of Iranian people will never produce any legitimate outcome; it is time to help Iranian people to overthrow this beacon of Islamist menaces.




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Very nice!

by ariane on

Thank you for your kind words and namings! I think you are just a Mullah who speaks English and possbily weara a pair of jeans or at best a suit and tie instead of a Turban! The ideology speaks for itself.

Please don't quote Zartosht with those backward beliefs. It is very Ironic!

And please don't talk about "Helping Iran" when you're sitting in your home at best watching you tube videos. Which is the best you get the core action of the "Revolution" and "helping" it.

As for asking me to shut up, that is not your right or anybody elses to tell me to keep my oponion to myself. Instead of "Helping" go and learn something form the core values of societies you live in. Don't waste this oppotunity as you really need it before coming back home and make it the Faschit Utopia you have in mind.


Wooow Ariane

by masoudA on

So you are another one of those Iranians who have a solution that requires a full century.   Let me tell you my final word - You are a coward - to ease the pain or justify the fact that you are not doing anythng to help Iran - you have devised this idealogy to have a better understanding of the murderer of our children, along with a long term plan in hope that his offsprings turn out differently.   I beg of you - if you can't/won't do anything to help - please just keep quiet and do not spread your message of peace with evil.  

I leave you with a quote from Zartosht -

Life is a constant stuggle of siding with the good and fighting the bad.    


Final word

by ariane on

I'm gonna say my final word!

Frankly this way of thinking is very old! 31 years old and more. You have two choices in this respect! Either rant hate and doom and gloom scenarios, which is fine for a MKO conference!

Or alternatively face the fact on the ground which is that way of thinking exists in Iran and fixing it start by first accepting it.

It will take generations to install an disiplined and constructive way of thinking among Iranians. Hating and labeling is not the solution. Religious sentiments, to your dislike, is apparent among a sizeable chunk of Iranian people! And I'm talking about remote towns and villages, not people sipping Starbucks Caffe Late in NY ot LA or London. One can not just wipe it off the demographical map of that country. The support exists for the regime. For many reasons.

Dealing with it is not spreading doom and gloom scenarios! I dont know what the solution is, but I like to believe that starting to think realistically and with respect to all the Iranian ways and beliefs is what a responsible way - forwarding nation does.

Tolerate dont eliminate.

Please learn from the society that you live in!



by masoudA on

I don't know why are you pressing this - OK you have lived in Iran, I am sorry, but you just come across as clueless about Iran.   I have no problems with my countrymen who think differently - the problem is not them.   The problem is people who hate and despise Iran and Iranians.  People whom by design are destroying the core of Iranian institutions and industries.   Have you not been following where they invest Iran's money?    It is great to be a liberal, a realist, and not have the bad Iranian habits (as you put it) - but Sentiment like yours only prolongs the misery.   We are dealing with an evil that wishes us harm - they took over to destroy.  


massoud A

by ariane on

FYI! I am one of those minds who lived, worked, went to school, married, went to dadgostari.......IN IRAN up until very recently.

I have been to places in Iran serving my country against any one's better judgment, that are hardly even known to many Iranians.

I am not a supporter of the regime so for god's sake stop pigeon holing... BTW that's another disgusting Iranian charactersitic... labeling people!!

You can not renounce a complete class your own country men just because you dont like the way they think. It's exactly the way the people you denounce think. They exist whether you like it or not!




by masoudA on

1- Arian - by extended amnount of time I meant have you had a Dadgostari case? did you need to get some sort of government approval?  did you have a business in Iran?    I was not atlking about flying into Tehran and sitting around with your college buddies who have made a ton - probabaly building high-rises.   These are often people (and I know some of them too) who are the kings of the mice - people who have benefited from not having to compete with the best of Iranian minds that are not willing to live in Iran.  

2- Fred - what you say did apply a century ago - it did even apply to some extent in 1978 - but internet changed everything.   Today is the age of Sandis.  Today IR has to bring whores out of prisons to pose as supporters.   Believe me there is no duality - there are believers in Islam - but those folks are too old can't even remember their own names.  lol

3 - Dariush - It is almost impossible to explain for most Iranians who live outside Iran, what is going-on out there.   These people come to Iran and see "Namaz-Khooneh" at every corner - but they must work in a government agency to see how nobody actualy uses them.   You must live in Iran to see nobody even prays anymore.  Some travel to Iran for a week and make some random observations - but they must live in Iran to know how it is all about money now - life in Iran is a rat chase - what ISlam, What Mashrooeh, What Mashrooteh?  

30 years of outmost kar too khar toppled with 30 years of Hagh Koshi has created a unified anti IR nation - especially amongst the lower income class.  These are people who will not even attend Green rallies - the IR designed rat chase leaves them no time.  They work 18 hours/day.   Of-course our strong culture was quiet an important factor as well - how can an Iranian detach from the teachings of zartosht, Khayam, Hafez, Ferdosi, Molana,.......   



The two Irans

by Fred on

What is happening to Iran and Iranians under the Islamist Rapists is the final act of the over a century old national struggle between Mashrooteh and Mashro’eh.

It began with the Constitutionalists winning the first round only to lose it to benevolent authoritarian rulers who in turn lost it to the uber-Mashro’eh Islamist Rapists.

The good news is as benevolent authoritarianism lost favor with Iranians so has the Islamist Rapist Republicanism/.Sultanate. To my mind that is where the two Irans can best be viewed.


There isa famous saying in

by ariane on

There isa famous saying in Farsi. Wiping the problem instead of solving it. What is being Iranian? I dont think we can summarize a certain character trait as being Iranian given the extent of demographical variation society. Then there is the legal entity. Those branded as Un-Iranian are as Iranian as you and I or the other 70 odd million lot. And have I got news for you. They have more reason to cling on to their power and social atatus than you and I have to over run them. Matter of life and death and no place on earth will accept them even Arabs.

It's not matter of quantity folks!!! It's the matter of quality!


MasoudA & Ariane

by DariusMazdak on

I agree with MasoudA. There is only one Iran and then there is a minority of un-Iranian, backward and uneducated thugs ruling the country. Ariane, I live and work in Iran and I do believe that you are over-estimating the number of those supporting this regime. They are much more vulnerable than you may think.


Wrong again!

by ariane on

Wrong again my friend! The last time I lived in Iran for an "extended period of Time" was last year! Due to the nature of my work, which I conducted for a quite a few number of years,  I have had an unprecedented exposure to the "Arabist Culture" you are refering to.

The social situation is very complex now, there are many people with affinity to the current regime. Mainly economic affinity than any thing else. Over the course of the last 3 decades, Iranians living in Iran have become fervent capitalists, they are starting to own and enjoy better things in life. These are the people you might have never met in your life! But the mere mentioning of the regime change makes them very nervous as they might loose all the possessions they have gathered. For most of them the mere idea of some other Iran is just not concieveable.

Apart from that! The first step of of being a mature society is to stop blaming others for your own misfortunes. What happenned to Iran is the the inadequacy of its people and nothing else. Arabs, Americans, Brits or anyone else. Jobeto seft begir, hamsayato dozd nakon...




by masoudA on

When was the last time you lived in Iran for an extended period of time?   Long long time I bet.   You seem to be under the impression that people with religious beliefs support the regime.   Let me assure you, the last of the religious Iranians detached themselves from the IR in the last few months - leaving IR with a gang of vatan foroushs and their hired missionaries.   When I say Arab, I reffer to the Arabists - people who may have even been born in Iran but have no affiliation with Iran and our culture.  In fact they feel a certain animosity towards our culture.   Anyways - if you look into the history of akhoonds in Iran you will realize they decend from people who were imported into Iran from Syria and Lebanon and stationed into different cities in Iran.  These imports were all anmed after the City they were stationed to ala Rafsanjani, Khomeini, Araki, Golpayegani, Ghomi, Tabasi,......  



by ariane on

Don't agree with you on the Arab Islamists rhetoric! I think David Milliband got it precisely right! There are Two Irans and both are very real and present! The dodgy Iran that you refer to as Arab Islamists are very much Iranian! They havent come from Mars. They were born and raised in the anals of the Iranian society! The dark bit that the Monarchy always neglected to acknowledge or study and it finally brought about its regretable end.



The lobby here

by Cost-of-Progress on

does not care about stats.....

"Brain Drain" they ask?. Let them go...we have our Islamist scientist who can turn mere copies of 60's era North Korean junk into work of military "art"......We are powerful!

They are much too happy for those who have a milligram of nationalism left in them to leave Iran. There'll be more for them and their toolehs.

Some asswipe claims that the entire purported 85% who voted during last year Islamic fiasco are head over hills for the regime. They claim that since Iran is (forcefully) a muslim country, the theocracy has a right to stay, be in power and continue their reign of fear and assimilation.

It is their way of justifying the continuous assault on reason and decency.

May the heavens help Iran and her people.





There is Only One Iran

by masoudA on

There is only one Iranians - and then we have the Arab ISlamists who have taken over Iran and have Iranians as hostages.   George Bush had it right.