UN & Sattar


by Fred

A group of United Nations experts today urged the Government of Iran to undertake a thorough, independent and impartial investigation of the death in custody of Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti, particularly the allegations of torture, and to make the result of such an investigation public.

While the UN Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights in Iran, summary executions, torture and freedom of expression welcomed the Iranian Parliament’s and Judiciary’s decisions to investigate the death in custody of Mr Beheshti, they noted that a number of cases have been reported in Iran in which detainees allegedly died in custody due to mistreatment or torture, lack of medical attention or neglect.”

During the 24 hours Sattar was held at the Ward 350 of the Evin Prison, he had described to Abolfazl Abedini Nasr, an imprisoned journalist and human rights/labor activist, how he was tortured, had shown him his many wounds and gave him information about the identity of his torturers who would next day become his murderers.

And when Nasr relayed all that he knew to the “investigative judge” looking into Sattar’s murder, he was promptly banished to Ahvaz prison in southern Iran.

When it comes to its own crimes, Messianic Islamist regime does not do “impartial investigation” of any kind; UN experts & Director general of UNESCO better not hold their breath for one.


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