Unilateral Israeli action

by Fred

During the past 4 years of Obama Presidency, it is hard to think of any national newspaper as pro-Obama as the Washington Post.

And yet, the President’s vacillation toward the, as he has said, “weaponized” nuke program of the Messianic Islamists has alarmed even his diehard supporters at the editorial board of the Washington Post who yesterday said:

“...if Mr. Obama really is determined to take military action if Iran takes decisive steps toward producing a bomb, such as enriching uranium to bomb-grade levels or expelling inspectors, he would be wise to say so publicly. Doing so would improve relations with Mr. Netanyahu and deter unilateral Israeli action — and it might well convince Iran that the time has come to compromise.”

Obama started his Presidency with extended hand of friendship toward the Messianic Islamists who never took it; there is no need to finish his time in Oval Office as a war President.

There is still time to avoid war and do this right by announcing regime change as the official U.S. policy, and backed by backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine. Additionally, providing logistical help to the Iranian people to overthrow the Messianic Islamists, “reformers” and all, is still possible.

Time is short and patience wearing thin, very very thin.


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