The unlikely beloved

by Fred

It seems despite their clear revulsion of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic; some compatriots have developed a sort of emotional dependence on their nemesis, an Iranian Stockholm syndrome.  

The arguments they make, the justifications and reasoning might at first glance seem somewhat plausible, but a poke here and a poke there clears that illusion fast.

Why else would some Iranians defend the very same people who are the major instruments, unrepentant ideologues of the misery befallen on their country?

Why else would some be so forgetful of the deeds committed in not too distant a past?

Why else would forgiving the major players come so easy to them while forgiving a minor bit player is thought of as a cardinal sin?

Iran is at a fork in the road. One road leads to the continuation of the same torturous journey of the past thirty one years with great possibility of the destination being total devastation in near future, the other road might, just might lead to redemption.

This clamoring for the new improved Islamist Rapists’ repackaged IRR just does not make sense, is there a doctor in the house?






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Responding to Mark Pirooz (aka Phony Sargord)

by AMIR1973 on

"Responsible citizenship" is not vomiting up propaganda on behalf of a regime that has executed 20,000 of its own citizens, all the while living in Ohio. That makes you and your ilk who live in the USA the ultimate vile "anti-Iran cheerleaders". Got that, phony Sargord? You can regurgitate as much gibberish as you want about IRI's "elections", but the most important office in IRI is held by a cleric who was chosen by 86 other "mojtaheds" 21 years ago and who never has and never will stand for popular election. You don't speak Persian, and Iran is not your "motherland" (or "meehan"--to use one of the 8 Persian words you know). Try sticking with Columbus, OH. You are a "cyber groupie" because you spit out crappy, fact-free propaganda for a regime that you would never live under. Do you also get that, O Cyber Groupie? To oppose the U.S. government is not "un-American". I never said it was. But in the U.S. (despite all its problems), one has about 1000 times as much freedom as one does in the IRI. An Iranian women cannot even choose what clothes she can wear. Iranians, men or women, don't enjoy any basic freedoms. Why don't you and the other IRI cyber groupies show us the courage of your convictions and move to the same IRI that you are always shilling for? Otherwise, you're just a BS artist who is not willing to live by the crap that he preaches. Okay, that ought to be a good way for you to "cure" yourself, and your pathetic hypocrisy. Got that, "baradar" (LOL).

Sargord Pirouz

Amir-jan, what is a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Amir-jan, what is a "cyber-groupie"?

Hey, I voted in the June election. There's nothing "cyber" about traveling to the nearest polling station, showing your credentials to a poll worker, having your finger inked, filling out a ballot (two entries, if memory serves me right) and placing it into a ballot box. That's called responsible citizenship.

But what do the anti-Iran cheerleaders do instead? They congregate on the internet and spend endless time engaging in tirades against the motherland. That's what you call real "cyber-grouping."

How many here are Americans? (Naturalized or whatever.) Consider how un-American it would be if all an American individual did was focus on torture and sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib, and Guantanimo, or the negative aspects of the military-industrial complex, or the huge need for US and state prison infrastructure, or the US national debt, or the civilian deaths of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars... And all the while, this individual never voted in an election!

That would certainly qualify as un-American. To do the same about Iran is also un-Iranian.

But, of course, who are we kidding. We're dealing predominantly with the negative mentality of exiles here. Unfortunately, I've no cure for y'all. I wish I did. Take it from me, it's great to be at peace with the Meehan.


Eva Braun comparison is too generous to IRI cyber groupies

by AMIR1973 on

Eva Braun stayed with Hitler to the bitter end. She married him in that bunker in Berlin and committed suicide with him. IRI cyber groupies, on the other hand, got out of Dodge at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, they made sure to get the heck out of the Islamist paradise. They prefer to express their admiration for that garbage hellhole from the heart of Sheytan-e Bozorg.

O IRI cyber groupies, why are you in Sheytan-e Bozorg, when the IRI is such a wonderful place to live? If you promise to drink cyanide like Eva, we will give you a full set of plastic keys to heaven. Emam-e Aziz would not want it any other way.


I wonder if this is the

by Javadagha on

I wonder if this is the reason Dick Cheney was taken to the hospital with chest pains :-)

Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on

In serie "Islamist Rapists/Anti-Semites and the likeminded clueless lefty allies" kheili bahal bood.

I laughed a lot, you made my day, thanks.

Mardom Mazloom

Mien Früd,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Ayyy be shashm.



by vildemose on



Islamist copycat

by Fred on

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery even if it comes form a faul mouth Islamist copycat,  ie mien Führer.

Keep it up Islamist Rapists/Anti-Semites and the likeminded clueless lefty allies, keep it up, you are all doing a fantastic job.


Vildemouse - see Family Guy Re: Hitler and Eva on youtube

by MM on

Mardom Mazloom

Mien Früd

by Mardom Mazloom on

Chera mozakhraf miguy baz to dadash? If I'm an Islamist, you're Adolf Hitler's soul jammed in the cyberspace.

The difference with AH is that after 60 years of dar-be-dari you have now understood how to cover your fascist ideas by either saying; oh wait, you don't know it but I'm really your friend or for diverting the audience cherto-pert benevissi like your "Stockholm_syndrome" piece of sh#t.

I admit that this one was really funny, I'm wondering if Palestinians will love Netanyaboo at the end?


On Eva Braun

by vildemose on

  • Born: 6 February 1912
  • Birthplace: Munich, Germany
  • Died: 30 April 1945 (suicide by cyanide)
  • Best Known As: Mistress and last-minute wife of Adolf Hitler

Eva Braun was the mistress of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler from 1932 until their deaths in a suicide pact at the end of World War II. She was working as a photographer's assistant when she met Hitler in 1929, the year she turned 17; in the following years they were rarely seen in public together, and few knew of their relationship. She is most famous for her final days in April of 1945, when she joined Hitler in his bunker in Berlin. Though given the chance to flee, she loyally remained with Hitler even as the war was clearly lost. They were married in the bunker on 29 April 1945; the next day they committed suicide together, she by swallowing cyanide and he by shooting himself with a pistol.



Islamist Eva Braun wannabe

by Fred on

Ain’t it cute, one Islamist bad mouthing another Islamist, keep it up Islamist Eva Braun wannabe, keep it up!


Dear Mien Früd, the fork rule of thumb

by Jaleho on

You said: "Iran is at a fork in the road."

As you know, the fork rule of thumb when you see one re. Iran is:

Pick it up before that IDIOT Soroush picks it up!


PS. Mardom Maazloom is not always good for nothing, thanks for funny "Mien Früd" :-)