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Although it is unsexy as far as the normal diplomatic schmoozing goes, and it is too little too late, at least when it comes to the life of one woman, however, if other countries do the same, it could save countless lives.

“The Netherlands is recalling its ambassador from Iran in protest at the execution and subsequent burial of a Dutch Iranian woman on what her family says were trumped up drugs charges.

Before leaving Teheran, the ambassador will first make a formal protest to the Iranian authorities at the ‘lack of respect’ towards Zahra Bahrami’s family, foreign minister Uri Rosenthal said during a visit to Jordan.

Reports say Bahrami, who was executed last week, has been buried in secrecy some 400 km from the capital, making it impossible for family to attend the funeral.”

Listen up, these people are unreformable. They are anti-west to the core, “reformers” and all. They are raping, maiming and murdering Iranian men, woman and children like there is no tomorrow. They are getting weaponized nuke to effectuate their announced promise of “managing the world.”

It is time for the sane world to stop its penny ante opposition of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. While intentionally looking the other way allowing wholesale major deals take place, imposing nonsense little sanction here and there.

 It is time to openly help fed up enslaved Iranians with material support to overthrow their messianic Islamist tyrants, emancipating themselves and ridding the world of a clear and present danger.

It is time to withdraw all the ambassadors; it is time to impose airtight sanctions.



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Triple Haji

by Fred on

 triple Haji,

Of course Islamist Rapists with your Imam’s slogan of “economics is for donkeys” have had nothing to do with devastating Iranian economy.

And your caring for the “western companies” along with the “Iranian people” is so touching and telling.


"burial place of a drug dealer"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This drug dealer had more courage and love for Iran and it's people than millions of cowardly west residing traitors serving the islamist regime by spreading misinformation on internet for a few hundred canadian dollars or english pounds, put together!

The "drug dealer" was murdered for participating in post election demonstrartions and this:


The real drug dealers in Iran are the top leaders of the islamist Revolutionary Guards corp. as below.


I bbelieve Shah's SAVAK used to also accuse political prisoners as drug dealers!

I guess once a SAVAKI, always an Etelaati!

Good blog Fred, Thank You!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Hey Unsexy Freddy

by HHH on

If I didn't know you I would think you're an Israeli or something.

You must really hate the Iranian people if you wish more "airtight sanctions" upon them. Don't you know with IRI's access to hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue they couldn't care less about these sanctions? After all west had little if any trade with them to begin with so if they take that too Iran will lean a little more toward the East, North and South America.

The only 2 that lose here are the western companies and the Iranian people. The regime is sticking to Iran's neck like a leech & getting fatter by the day. Iranians are paying 20,000 toman for a kilo of meat because IRI's money is worthless. What caused that? This same embargos, sanctions & disinvestments.

So keep wishing for more sanctions on Iranians unsexy Freddy.


G. Rahmanian

Better Late Than Never!

by G. Rahmanian on

Let's hope other countries will follow suit. This should have happened thirty years ago. By isolating the regime, the free world can help Iranians free themselves. The regime is desperately trying to provoke Iran's neighbors, but to no avail. The overwhelming reactions by the Egyptian opposition organizations and government alike, reminding the IR criminals of their suppression of Iranian protesters was, indeed, a great gesture of solidarity with seventy million oppressed Iranians.


Still smoking the Dutch stuff?

by comrade on

What is the relevance between the burial place of a drug dealer, and sanity of the world, Fred?

I heard on the car radio that a pedestrian was run over by a drunk driver somewhere in Texas, then I said to my girlfriend in the passenger seat: Those bastard mullahs...we have to bomb I-ran....we have to give material to those helpless "Eye-ray-nians". Then she said:" good, you reminded me, make a right at the next one to Joe's place. You're smoking the last joint."



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