Vanity is His


by Fred

After the “election” show in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and its bloody aftermath where the Islamist Rapists displayed to the entire world what Iranians have been suffering under for thirty long years and counting, a series of show trials followed. Some of the resulting “sentences” of the televised GT, the Grand Trial which had the biggest catches tried en mass have begun to be announced.

Of all the victims of the GT, I’ve been especially concerned about two of them for as far as the Islamist Rapists are concerned they both have crossed a sacred red line and worst are not repentant.

They are Isa Saharkhiz and Ahmad Zeidabadi. I oppose strenuously their mixing of religion with governance, but out of a whole lot of their likeminded that are publically known, these two are exceptions to the rule, that is, they are honorable men.

While waiting for his formal punishment to be announced, Saharkhiz is still being worked over but Zeidabadi’s was just announced.

He is to spend six years in prison, five years in internal exile in the town of Gonabad and is banned from social/political activities for lifetime, yes lifetime ban a la Apartheid South Africa. 

Although he was charged with slew of crimes which in any sane system are all part of civic rights to be exercised or not and citizens are encouraged to partake in, the charge that really mattered has to do with the Head Rapist’s vanity.

In an open letter Zeidabadi addressed the Head Rapist Khamenei as simply Leader as opposed to Supreme Leader.  And because he now refuses to ask for Supreme Leader’s forgiveness for the past six months he has been enduring the world renowned Evin prison hospitality treatment which has included day after day confinement in a taboot, coffin.   

Ahmad Zeidabadi is one of the very few courageous, principled, bright and best informed political analysts in Iran. The Head Rapist Khamenei can’t shine Ahmad’s shoes and yet because of personal vengeance decides to ruin his life along with that of his family’s and denying Iran and Iranians of his talent. This shall not stand.





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ندا ها صدا دارند و صدا ها شنونده.  



by SamSamIIII on


There were ever the odd or pigs fly  case of reformist that I may salute then Eissa saharkhiz & bacheh Kermoon Zeidabadi are it . I have always liked their open style of not mincing with the truth.These 2 are truly the rare patriotic commodity among banni abbas ilk of reformist to the point that I seriously doubt if they actualy are. they may pretty well be closet patriots in disguise. God speed to them both .


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Dear Fred

by Mehrban on

Thank you for your tireless efforts to wake people up to the imminent dangers threatening Iran from the outside.  Most your calls go unheeded.  I, much like you, worry about a war waged on Iran. My comment not directly related to this blog, I know. But I thought there may be less noise on this thread where it can be heard.