Video; Iran's super rich

by Fred

The sane world’s sanctions against the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) have just begun cramping regime’s lifestyle.

Despite IRR's historic oil revenue many times the total since discovery of oil in Iran, Iranians in the past 34 years have steadily become poorer. They’re now totally dependent on foreign imports, even basic foodstuff. And due to 34 years of wholesale mismanagement and culture of sanctioned thievery by the ruling Islamist Rapists, the economy is increasingly heading toward total collapse.

However, listening to IRR’s lobbies, useful dunces and regime apologists, it is all due to sanctions.

In other words, even though for 34 years Iranian people have been under sever economic, cultural and basic freedom sanctions imposed by the Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all; it is the fault of foreigners.

Isn’t time to permanently pin the blame for the dreadful state of affairs in Iran on where it belongs, the Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all?


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Mullahs' Hypocricy

by Demo on



'Those who conceal GOD's revelations in the book, and purchase for them
a miserable profit,- they swallow into themselves naught but fire; GOD will not address them on the day of resurrection. nor purify them:
grievous will be their penalty.' (Quran 2:174)

Dear Mamoor: Obama's corruption & hypocricy is proven to all. But of Mullas' like Rafsanjani under the disguise of religion can not be simply pointed out by khoms & zakat only. Extremely dangerous game. 



by مآمور on

is the biggest problem of the world. the banks around the world, the news agency(fred's firends Murdak news of the world),  even military organizations and officers.....the list goes on!!!!

the practice like hege funds which has already caused lots of damadges is ok!! because Mitt Romney is doing it!!

collecting zakat and khoms would corrupt mollahs, but not Obama!!

hypocracy is the name of the game!!

I wear an Omega watch


The Days of Our Lives!

by Demo on

Let's stop playing video games & come to what is called the 'TRUTH' in English. That is defined in the dictionary as 'the state of being the case; FACT.' Based on that definition, if we check with our recent history we see nothing but monetary/moral 'CORRUPTION' with our rulers. The mollas are the products of such reality as the extremely corrupt 'Shahs of the Past' supported them & the majority of our people have also been infected with the same deadly virus. Fortunately, our neighboring countries are rising up against such disease & the false labelling of their moves as the 'Arab Spring' or the 'Islamic Awakening' by some of their corrupt leaders are not fooling them no more. And the good news is that our young people awakening to such 'TRUTH' is not that far to take place.

Continue Clapping Hands.