The war enablers


by Fred

If and when there is a military conflict with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic over its illegal and what President Obama has termed as cover for a nuke program, there are many who will have a lot of explaining to do.

On or about the time the vast, covert and mostly subterranean illegal nuke activities of IRR was revealed to the sane world, number of lobbies and individuals sprang up to allay the legitimate concerns of the world fearing a messianic Islamist regime possessing nuke.

The lobby groups and individuals began by portraying IRR as a pragmatic, reformable entity which once offered unconditional opportunity to negotiate will do so and resolve many of the intractable disputes.

As of today every single hypotheses and promises of those lobbies and individuals have turned out to be false, among them:

1-The post “election” public slaughter and savagery of IRR which included verified raping , torturing and murdering of men, women and children forever debunked the nonsense about it being Reformable and/or pragmatic.

2-the unconditional offer to talk one on one which was not taken up by IRR debunked the myth about once such offer made thing will only improve.

3-the dogged determination by IRR, despite having the needed fuels for its lone Russian built nuclear reactor delivered to them, to continue with illegal nuke enrichment activity at higher and higher percentages debunked the myth they are only after legitimate “civilian application”.

4-despite all the claims to the contrary by the said lobbies and individuals the previous U.S. administration  neither began, facilitated  or gave a green light to any other country to commence military action against IRR.

5-The desired non “neocon” U.S. Administration in the White House did not, could not forgo vital American national security interests kowtowing to empty and false promises of the said lobbies and individuals.


If and when there is a military conflict instigated by IRR’s illegal behavior including its nuke, international terrorism, systematic human rights violation and crime against humanity the said lobbies and individuals have a lot of explaining to do.


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