The war of Greens

by Fred

The Fars News Agency has reported the formation of a group under the name of “The Green Alavi Movement”.  Those familiar with charlatan Ali Shariati’s magnum opus, "Alavi Shi’ism and Safavid Shi’ism", would instantly know the wisdom behind the name of this new entity.

In a statement the “Green Alavi Movement” in part says: “Wearing green in all future events, including Ashura, is a sign of the Green Alavi Movement and we will continue to wear green for all future gatherings.” The new “Green Alavi Movement” further asks the general population by utilizing the color green: “to put a stop to this symbolic religious color from being expropriated and abused by political groups”.

The new Alavi Green has asked people to wear green during all future public occasions and offers a long list of other ways people can employ the green color including green flags, green posters, green …..

This machination by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, has many important practical aspects and applications. One, the original "Green Movement", the intended target, instantaneously loses its sole claim to color green as its identifying symbol making it easy for the regime to claim any large crowd as its own.

Another and perhaps the most important one is that by default the original Green becomes the Safavid Green which is not something they would wish to be identified as.

Tomorrow during the shameful annual commemoration of the taking of American diplomats hostage  Greens of all kinds will be indistinguishable from each other.



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