The warmongering traitor(s)

by Fred

Hindsight is 20/20 or at least that is what they say it is. But when it comes to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and its many reincarnations, there is no such thing as hindsight; all there is freshly experiencing the experienced and expecting different outcome.

Take for example the experience of the charlatan Khatami and his democratic movement which soon changed into democracy in the context of IRR. Take a moment recalling all the strong advocacy of his nonsensical proposition, namely having a system which is obedient to the wishes of majority and yet subservient to the whims of unelected few.

The kindest reaction to anyone who dared to say such proposition did not make sense and destined to failure was to be labeled as a warmongering traitor.

The experience of charlatan Khatami was not and is not unique, people genuinely want change but in facing the ugly reality of IRR are powerless. The reality of the Islamist Rapist Republic being unreformable, the reality of the longer it stays in power under any format the costlier it will be to retire them.

To avoid the devastating war the weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists are on the path to impose on Iran, Iranians and the entire ME the sane world has to intervene.

It is time for the sane world to impose unilateral airtight sanctions and unremittingly help the fed up Iranian people to become empowered to face up to their Islamist Rapist tyrants. Act NOW.


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Fouzul Bashi

Fraud and his rape and sanctions orgies ;)

by Fouzul Bashi on

Mardom jan, this pathetic pervert is coming twice a day on fantasies of rape, murder, starvation, poverty, disease, and pillage of the Iranian nation. That is why he repeats the same lines again and again.  

Perverts do exactly that. He has NEVER been able to engage with a discussion, even defending his sick airtight sanctions, outlining his vision of how it would help Iranians or what it would mean in the reality of suffering.  

Like a flasher who repeatedly stands in the dark and jumps out to show his flaccid cock to terrorise;) .. can't engage in healthy interactions, such is a degree of his hatred of Iranians and his violent fantasies ;) 



by timothyfloyd on



Mardom Mazloom

They are rigid in their fossilized dogma...

by Mardom Mazloom on


Coming from an Iranianopath who always say the same thing with exactly the same Islamist/Anti-semite offense stuff, is actually the most hilarous thing that I've read from Mein Fraüd!

Mein Fraüd jan, you cannot even handle a discussion and after one exchange you jsut hide your head behind your carapace.

Do you really think that by writing the same arajeef than the one you posted merely one year ago and hiding yourself when it comes to clarification, you'll be able to convince people on your 'high wattage' thoughts?



by Fred on

You must be new, these Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty lap poodles of ally say lot of asinine things. They are as clueless about history as they are rigid in their fossilized dogma.

I’ve found ignoring most and once in a while exchanging a few with the rabid ones is good enough public service. Say what you got to say and let them stew in their own ignorance and bile


Fred (and others),

by Spear on

As I wrote to this Captain blog about the pathology of warmongers, they like to cage people with silly definitions. He presented me with the technical definition of "treason," implying that I perfectly fit into his twisted generalization, to which I replied:

If you knew your American history, you would know that the founding fathers of this country, primarily George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were very instrumental in seeking French military support in ousting the "dictatorship" of the British monarchy. Indeed, the founding fathers were also British in origin. However, they were not only advocating the removal of their own hereditary dicators, but they went a step further and promoted and sought French military support against the British colonies in order to FREE them from the yoke of dictatorship -- this is a fact!

Were the American founding fathers guilty of high treason? This is precisely what the British government charged the founding fathers with in those days!!! They were labeled as traitors and charged with high treason by the dictators and their supporters! Therefore, according to Ayhab's definition, George Washington was guilty of high treason and a traitor to his own nation! In fact, without French support, the American revolution would've NEVER happened under George Washington -- NEVER!!! And today, you probably would have the picture of the Queen on your dollar bills!

IRI represents Islam, not Iran

Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on

I'm not in Mammad's side. He has religious beliefs that I don't. But at least he speaks logically and my feelings are that his statements go in the direction of People's interest.

Perhaps it's also your case!? I'm not your enemy, I don't even know you. But I don't perceive anything positive which come out from your writings for Iranians. I'm perhaps wrong? In this case, why don't you simply disambiguate your statements? Why are you afraid to tell us what do you mean by "air tight sanctions" that you employ at least one time per contribution? What does this really mean to you? For me, and I see for others on this site, this insistence is dubious, why don't you simply unveil your "fuzzy" statements?

Mardom Mazloom

Mein Fraüd the iranianopath,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Just look at your sentence toward Mammad below:

You are a practicing Islamist supporter of the Islamist Rapists.

This suggests that Islamists are all Rapists, and that Mammad as an Islamist belongs to the dark side. If you cannot make the difference I'm really sorry for you. That was further a trivial example, if one put your texts through an information extraction system other dorr-o-talla will be found.

You are a true high wattage/voltage iranianopath and there is nothing that you can do to hide it.


Low wattage bulb

by Fred on

A low wattage bulb backs up the practicing Islamist nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists by saying:

“He [Fred} pretends to not be a Racist but at every of his sentences, he links Islam or Muslims to coward/stupid/warmongers.”

Prove it low wattage bulb!

Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on

It is clear like a rock water that Mein Fraüd cannot give any precisions about general terms that he employs like "tight sanctions" or "empowering iranians". He has just been told to churn out two blogs a day to promote hate and war on IC (or perhaps on other sites too).

Negativity just dribbles from his comments and blogs. God knows how he can handle all these stuffs on him!

He pretends to not be a Racist but at every of his sentences, he links Islam or Muslims to coward/stupid/warmongers. This kind of speaking reminds me racists who by insinuation make you feel that you don't belong to their world or that you're from a lower cast.

The deviousness is that, while he advocates poverty and misery on Iran all the day long, he wants one to bring him evidence where he issued anti-iranian statements!

Perhaps his hatred toward us has so much penetrated on him that he cannot understand how much he has anit-iranian feelings! (what I doubt) but evidence shows that Mein Fraüd is a real true Iranianopath, a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct toward iranians.


Practicing Islamist Dr. No

by Fred on

First and foremost, your death fatwa by labeling me “ anti-Islam, anti-Moslem” ain’t gonna wash, you have to prove it. We are not in your Islamist Rapist Republic where your Islamist Rapist brethrens charge Iranian men, women and children with these sorts of bogus charges without any evidence. Prove your death fatwa you Islamist liar.

Second, You say about me, Fred: “The Mafia bosses that pay you …” You have to prove your charge you Islamist liar, this here ain’t your Islamist Rapist Republic where your Islamist Rapist brethrens file these sort of bogus charge against Iranians all the times.

Third, I wonder if it wasn’t for the NIOC grant would you now be working for your Islamist guru and making a living off forbidden interests.

Fourth when you unload on me the only way your Islamist upbringing has taught you, it only proves to me to have been on the right path and to continue with my way.

Lastly, you should know by now neither your death fatwas, other threats, labeling nor ganging up are not going to silence me and my kind.

You are a practicing Islamist supporter of the Islamist Rapists and a nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists, get use to people like me for it is a fact you can’t do a thing about. Sorry Dr. No.


Charlatan Mafioso

by Mammad on

Right now the only charlatan is you Freddo Coreleon, the anti-Iran, anti-Islam, anti-Muslims, anti-Iranians, anti-peace, pro-war, pro-Israel, pro-fabricatiobn, pro-know-nothingism, liar, imbecile....... Why don't you spell out what you mean by "empowering Iranians" instead of fabricating the most outrageous lies? What is the problem? The Mafia bosses that pay you have not spelled that out for you? You are a disgrace even to your traitor kind. You are the perfect profile of a traitor warmonger.