Welcome back


by Fred

After enduring 781 days of captivity, the last two of the three American hikers who were taken hostage by the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR),  have come back home.

When it comes to IRR, the sane world, particularly America, has been down this road before. As Yogi Berra said, it's déjà vu all over again. In a New York news conference, the newly released hostages in part said:

"From the very start, the only reason we have been held hostage is because we are American. Iran has always tied our case to its political disputes with the US.

The irony of it all is that Sarah, Josh and I oppose the US policies towards Iran which perpetuate this hostility.

Many times, too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten and there was nothing we could do to help them.”

Glad they are home, so glad they spoke of the Iranian hostages being abused and tortured by IRR goons.

Sarah, Josh and Shane, now that you are free, you CAN help all the Iranians who are being raped, tortured, maimed and murdered. This barbarity has been going on for 33 long years.  

IRR is unreformable; helping to topple it is the only way to emancipate Iranians.



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Never stops advocating war

by Dani on

A pure charlatan with the usual nonsense that goes with it.

G. Rahmanian

So Far, So Good!

by G. Rahmanian on

I hope they'll continue to expose the murderous Islamic Republic's crimes against Iranians. A great blog!!!

Artificial Intelligence

Agree 100% Fred!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Great Blog!


 Great blog Fred. Those

by vildemose on

 Great blog Fred. Those two young kids are heroes. Welcome back, indeed.

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Anahid Hojjati

Fred, Thanks for your blog about release of the hikers

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks for blogging about this. I found what these two had talked about important. They talked about abuse and beatings of other prisoners and that is what I was hoping that they would do.

Sahameddin Ghiassi

The business people make money from the hate and disunity.

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

The business people make money from the hate and disunity. And most of us are the victims of their business. There is no just anywhere in the world, some people robe and other people are the victims. Even in the USA is the same play? Protection is destroyed by police forces, the police is useless if you are robbed, they do not do a serious action, and they are against people in the time they are against the government and want to protest? Or if you did not stop enough behind the stop sign. The systems here ignore the unjust and nobody will be responsible, they refer you to other people and at the end you will landed in the first room and with the first person after you have gone to 12 other rooms and spoke with 12 other people . The police even here are not to support the people but the government.  As long as the huge companies producing the bombs and weapons, or the so called illegal drugs and insurance companies and banks, can make money and robe the people, everything is fine. The law in the whole world is just support the rich and powerful people, not the people who are the victims and do not have a lot of money to spend.  The victims are sort of advertisement objects; for the system to make money or prestige, they use them for their own benefit of different ideologies. In the Middle Eastern countries, the people are killed and the system in the world is quite, why? They, the rest of the world made business and money with them, and they are OK, and they continue their business and activates with them; only they sell but this time their products more expensive to them. The good example is the Iran and Iraq war, they gave so much weapons to both of them, that none of them could win the war? They did billions of dollars from both side and the victims were the youth or other people who are killed or disabled and both countries have lost the war, the business people won the war?



Those Western Movies...

by Raoul1955 on

In this era the bad guys wear black turbans.  :-)

Darius Kadivar

Welcome Back Indeed !

by Darius Kadivar on

Good Blog Fred !


Held Longer than the 444 Days Ordeal of US Hostages in 1979 ...

Glad they slammed the IRI upon their arrival ...


Welcome Back Folks !


Karim Sadjadpour on Sultan Qaboos’ 'honest broker' role in ending US hikers Ordeal


Good Lesson to Ahmadinejad and his Sandis Khor Aficianados who thought they could capitalize on this "generous" gesture by the IRI judiciary just before the PREEEEEEZIIIIIIIDEEEEENT MAHBOOB's UN Speech ...


DUCK SOUP: Ahmadinejad & his Sandis Khor Groupies @ UN after Party in NY


Old McDonald Had a Farm ... Eeya Eeya Oh ...



FED UP WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Ahmadinejad is NOT my Prime Minister !



Of something

by پندارنیک on

The circumstances surrounding the release of these innocent-looking, nature loving, self-declared directionally challenged cuties were so puke-inducingly disgusting that I no longer care if they succeeded to place that beacon between those rocks or not.

I miss those Western movies where the bad guys always wore black hats........