What about the Iranians?

by Fred

Today, Saturday, in what has been billed as the last-ditch effort to avoid imposition of the fourth round of United Nations Security Council sanctions against IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the President of Brazil is making a state visit to Iran to convince the Islamist Rapists to abide by international law.

President Lula de Silva was to have been joined by the Turkish Prime Minster Erdogan who citing Islamist Rapists’ lack of effort in the resolution of the nuke crisis has now backed out of his Tehran visit.

What is missing in all these efforts is the plight of the Iranian people at the hands of the Islamist Rapists who have been at raping, maiming, torturing and murdering Iranian men, women and children for thirty one straight years with impunity.  

What about some concerted international effort to make the Islamist Rapist stop their barbaric treatment of the Iranians?




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