What gives?

by Fred

Ever since the vast clandestine full-cycle dual purpose nuke program of the messianic Islamists was revealed a decade ago by an opposition group, their lobbies and connected individuals insist it is within the rights of the signatories to NPT.

However, according to two leading newspapers in the U.S., New York Times and the Washington Post, that just is not the case.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has no explicit “right to enrich,” only the right to a civilian nuclear program under strict supervision by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and that Iran has been out of compliance.”

This assertion drew an immediate response letter to the editor of the NYT from the messianic Islamists’ “Mission to the United Nations”, basically repeating the claim without citing the relevant NPT article(s) explicitly debunking the point raised about “no explicit right to enrich.”

The question remains, if as a signatory to the NPT, the messianic Islamists are in fact in violation of the letter and spirit of the treaty, what are all the stretched out negotiations in different parts of the world haggling over allowable percentage and amount of enriched nuke aiming to achieve?

In other words, what gives with all the bazaar type hagglings?


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GOOD Question

by Azarbanoo on

I guess west helping IRR to buy time!