What rape?


by Fred

A select special three member committee of the world renowned bastion of  justice, fairness and evenhandedness, aka, the judiciary of the IRR, the Islamist rapist Republic, has just released the result of its investigation into allegations of detained men, women and children having been raped by IRR officials.

Ok, no spellbinding unpredictable finding, as it has been the case with mountain of other likewise allegations, this case too the select IRR judiciary committee has declared to be a hoax, not true, never ever happened, a lie to besmirch the lily-white reputation of the pious of theme all, the IRR and its Head rapist Khamenei.

Never mind the multiple allegations were backed up by post rape forensic medical examinations complete with x-rays along with sworn testimonies of victims and witnesses which were gathered by none other than a committee whose members’ allegiances to the IRR is beyond reproach.

Short of digging up Khomeini, the old founding IRR geezer, having a former two term Prime Minister, former Speaker of the Islamist Consultative Congress and whole lot of other IRR luminaries as members of the non governmental investigative committee is closest one can get to the committed individuals to IRR. And yet prior to its never happened announcement the judiciary officials saw the need to raid the offices of the investigative committee, confiscating all the documents which included the master list of names of brave victims who had stepped forward.

For thirty years all the while it has lectured the civilized world on the merits of the righteous path of IRR style rule, it has tortured, raped and murdered the enslaved Iranian men, woman and children with impunity.

Now that the evidence of its Islamist savagery has hit the fan, it is in a full Islamist whitewashing mode which is to destroy the evidence of its crimes.

Numbers of Iranian men, women and children rape victims of IRR have braved the savage Islamist system and step forward with their plight, they are all-around national heroes. If it has not done it yet, the IRR is in the process of eliminating these unsung heroes, silencing them for ever.  

It is the humanistic duty of all those who value incredible courage which these lonely rape and torture victims must have mustered to chuck aside social taboos and all concerns for personal safety to bare witness to IRR’s crimes to become their voice and do not let them perish in vain.







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Hamid Y. Javanbakht


by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

I think rape is somewhat a symptom of existentialism and the need for power in master/slave type psychology, in which the consequences for one's actions are of a non-essential nature, however I believe the cosmos "relieves built-up stress", not karmically, but meta-ethically, the equation must balance itself out somehow.

"The philosophy of existentialism can be summed up as modern man's attempt at coping with the absence of objective meaning in a world that has blithely declared God's demise. The works of the authors surveyed in Stephen Evan's work -- Dostoevsky, Camus, and Sartre -- each explore themes related to post-theistic man's dilemma: can he lead an objectively meaningful existence? Not surprisingly, the answer the authors come up with is identical -- no. For in a godless universe, the only meaning man can give his existence is a subjective meaning. That is, man can find meaning "in" life, but not "of" life. On this view, the saint who devotes his life to curing the sick and clothing the poor is ultimately condemned to meet the same fate as the genocidal despot.

If there is no God, no divine hereafter and life just ends at the grave, then your actions are ultimately unrelated to your final destination; in which case, as Dostoevsky reminds us, "everything is permitted." Moral values become human conventions with no objectivity. For in a world without God, who is to say rape and genocide are really wrong? At best, naturalistic/evolutionary accounts of why human beings are repelled by rape and genocide can be given; but these explanations fail to grant these acts moral objectivity. If the reason people feel repelled towards rape is because it wasn't socially-advantageous during the course of human evolution, then morality's foundation becomes an unconscious process called natural selection. On this basis, man is nothing but a collection of accidentally arranged atoms that become rearranged everytime they get struck by a bomb."



Jahanshah Rashidian

Dear Fred

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

As always, your writings seem a garden with roses offered to all freedom-loving Iranians, regardless their political ideas, and thorns in the eyes of "IRR" and its various stooges in this site.