When 2,752 + 184 + 40 = 0

by Fred

Yesterday, September the 11th marked the ninth anniversary of a big fat lie perpetuated by the Americans to attack Afghanistan.

Every single one of the 2,752 names read out loud at the so called ground zero in New York was fictitious. So too were the 184 who supposedly were killed on the same day at Pentagon, the same goes for the 40 in Pennsylvania.

If people had sense enough to investigate what the show president of the Islamist Rapist Republic, IRR, has publicly said about the so called 9/11, there would not have been a need for the ninth anniversary of the “Big Lie”.

And you thought only the historical validity of Holocaust was being challenged, so little you know.

It is so simple; numbers do not lie, 2,752 + 184 + 40 = 0






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Divaneh Jaan

by Khar on

It would be interesting to find out which one he'll pick. But I seriously doubt that TahGord knows Farsi (I have heard he's not even an Iranian) let alone knowing Dezfuli dialect :-)


When 15 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 1800000000

by reader1 on

Fred: Our president suffers from the same medical condition as some of your  bible bashing mid-Westerner friends. The Latin name for this condition is  “zealot-bimo-icht” where “ icht” is pronounced as “kh” in Persian. 

Here is an example of how they could get their Math horrendously wrong:

15 Saudis + 1 Egyptian+1 Lebanese +2 Emiratees = 1.8  billion dark skinned Muslims.

The most dangerous among them are the 70 millions i-Ranians!

Dirty Angel

With all due respect ,Fredsy

by Dirty Angel on

I honestly can't get myself to read or watch anything to do with the smelly fuglies (so, no, I haven't clicked on your links - it all just makes me ill. I'm smelly-fuglied out and too much of a prude in many a way), however, 

if it weren't all so beyond tragically sad, I'd welcome the "change" of "news" from the usual Islamic Repulsive's governMental porn racket to another set of incredible mania. Tragic "comic" "relief"...

Uxbridge Urban Dictionary:

à la carte           -        a Muslim wheelbarrow


Lol Khar

by divaneh on

That was very funny. Would be nice to know Sarkar's choice.

Farah Rusta

No surprise!

by Farah Rusta on

For a man who denies 6,000,000 were perished in the Holocaust, denying 0.05% of it must be so effortless. 




TahGord is writing type BS

by Khar on

Tahgord, Sarsheh Kheri Ya Helish Gap Bovah?? ;-)

Sargord Pirouz

"Fred" writing Type AB

by Sargord Pirouz on

This was written by "Fred" writing Type AB, but I'm more inclined to attribute it to Type C (the difference being one of tone).

The missing punctuation marks and run-on sentences makes this post hard to read. 

It's a pretty juvenile attempt at reductio ad absurdum, I might add.

What is interesting, however, is that the content is a day late- it's September 12th. So this is another case of poor content management, or a simple issue of timeliness.