When Barak met Barack

by Fred

With decision time on what to do with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s flagrant disregard for international law and mode of civilized behavior approaching fast, the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak made the rounds in Washington D.C. including a meeting with his namesake U.S. President.

According to news reports after meeting with his American counterparts in Pentagon on the main topic of the Islamist Rapists’ acquisition of weaponized nuke, Mr. Barak warned:

If the international community waits too long, IRR’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon would "change the landscape" of the entire world, not just of the Middle East.

During the same press conference his American counterpart whose secret gloomy memo to the President on the lack of proper planning and forethought by the Administration on the IRR’s nuke and other illegal behavior was leaked to the public said:

“I'm very satisfied with the planning process" at the Pentagon and elsewhere within the Obama administration, Gates said during a news conference with Barak. "We spend a lot of time on Iran, and we'll continue to do so."

One has to hope his secret memo was erroneous and what he says now is the case.  Otherwise, for the unforeseeable future the world will be looking down a double-barrel hair-trigger nuclear shotgun in the hands of messianic Islamist Rapists with announced intentions to do some “wiping off” the map.  




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