When Catherine meets Saeed


by Fred

It all began by the experts educating all about the difficulty of setting up groups of machines cascading in certain large numbers, and how long it will take them to produce anything of value.

Well that was nearly a decade ago when a dissident group outed the illegal, mostly subterranean dual purpose nuke program which IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, was running.

Fast forward to too many experts talking about too many things which have gone wrong with IRR’s illegal nuke program, which turned out the experts knew jack, and you have IRR sitting on tons of refined uranium and making more and more every day.

Next week the representatives of the sane world are to have yet another sit-down with the Islamist Rapists. Both sides are talking about vastly different agenda for the face to face, however they are going ahead with it.

This is déjà vu all over again.  The exact thing has happened on numerous other occasions resulting in more time for the Islamist Rapists to get closer to the ultimate game changer.

The only difference is, this time around, for the first time a woman is the lead negotiator for the sane world.

Lets hope Catherine Ashton lives up to her reputation as being a no nonsense politician.  And in negotiating with the scary looking Saeed Jalli, the lead negotiator for the Islamist Rapists, she makes it crystal clear to the Islamist Rapists that they need to stop their illegal nuke and crimes against humanity forthwith.

When Catherine meets Saeed, she needs to let sparks fly and read him the riot act.




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Pay the piper

by Fred on

The sane world planted Rabid Islamist supporters of the Islamist Rapists got to choose. Either their beloved obeys the international laws or it pays the piper.

And, having the world shower their Islamist Rapist brethrens with investment to create a middle class which would supposedly take care of the Islamist Rapists does fool only the Rabid Islamists and their likeminded.


Let's forget her Soviet thing...

by comrade on

I'd personally think twice before investing my trust in someone who keeps company with Dalek.

On the more serious reservation, I would like to know if she has ever been in MKO's bedroom. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



What negotiations?


What kind of a negotiation is that if you expect things to fail and fail quickly? the hell with negotiations. why not just cut the nonsense and just wage war on Iran?


Scott Peterson’s
fine piece at CSM on Iranian reactions to the Wikileaks cables is given
further credence by yet another document that surfaced Tuesday.
Peterson says that the Iranians took the documents to suggest that
President Obama was all along plotting against them even while pursuing a
diplomatic track in public, and that a breakthrough through
negotiations is now very unlikely.

It is an account of conversations between the US undersecretary
for arms control and British officials in early September, 2009. It
shows that the then British Labor Government supported President Obama’s
diplomatic outreach to Iran but was very much prepared for it to fail,
and fail quickly, and so was already focused on ratcheting up further
economic sanctions on Tehran. Simon McDonald said that the prime
minister did not think Obama’s diplomatic efforts should be
“open-ended,” and seemed to have a 30-day deadline in mind for Iran to
respond. That sort of impatience does not comport with genuine
diplomacy, and it seems clear that the British were eager to impose
further sanctions as soon as possible.


Another passage suggests strong British and American pressure on
Yukiya Amano, the then incoming head of the International Atomic Energy
Agency. Under his predecessor, Mohammad Elbaradei, the IAEA had
steadfastly refused to rubber stamp US and Western European charges that
Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon. The inspectors could find no
evidence of it, and were able to certify that no nuclear material had
been diverted from the civilian program. They were extremely frustrated
by Iran’s lack of complete cooperation, and some entertained dark
suspicions, but Elbaradei’s reports only included what could be proven
from the inspections. Foreign Minister David Miliband spoke of putting
some “steel” in Amano’s spine. Ellen Tauscher, the US under secretary
for arms control and international security affairs, said that the US
and the UK must work to make Amano a “success.”

Reading between the lines, it seems clear that London and Washington
intended to get hold of Amano as soon as Elbaradei had departed, and
twist his arm to be more alarmist in his reports on Iran. Surely from
Washington’s hawkish point of view, any “success” of the IAEA would be
in demonstrating an Iranian weapons program and giving evidence that
could be used to ratchet up sanctions at the UN Security Council.
Ironically, the 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran had
supported Elbaradei’s careful approach. Amano may have been predisposed
to be suspicious of Iran because of his own country’s experience of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki and his consequent personal commitment to