Where is Islam's Gandhi?

by Fred

On the eleventh anniversary of the crime against humanity on 9/11, four American diplomats including ambassador Chris Stevens, by all accounts a good friend of the Libyan people, were murdered at the U.S. Cosulate in Benghazi.

The particular excuse for the latest barbarity is irrelevant and immaterial. Barbarians always have excuses, Christian Crusaders had theirs, with no exception, so have every single other religion.

Like it or not, technology has made it possible for people to express their views, as reprehensible as it might be at times, and have it disseminated instantly worldwide.


Why the deafening silence from the leaders, elders and “reformist Muslims” in unequivocally condemning the latest barbarity?

Why instead of taking the high road, immunizing Islam by keeping it at the summit beyond the reach of all the ill-wishers and hijackers, the Muslim leaders and scholars lower the bar to the gutter level making it vulnerable to mass murderers, hate mongers, street thugs and asinine childish pranks of followers of all religions?

Where is Islam's Gandhi?


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Islam's Gandhi

by anglophile on

Jenab_e Fred

Although there is no one at present who, even remotely, can resemble Gandhi there was one globally renowned and respected figure in the stature of Jalaluddin Rumi who had surpassed Gandhi in his interpretation of faith, including Islam. But his message is not heeded, and is too much to expect to be heeded, by the likes of 'Islamic' adherents of today's word.


So the answer to your question is: yaaft mi-nashavad.