Where is Islam's Gandhi?

by Fred

On the eleventh anniversary of the crime against humanity on 9/11, four American diplomats including ambassador Chris Stevens, by all accounts a good friend of the Libyan people, were murdered at the U.S. Cosulate in Benghazi.

The particular excuse for the latest barbarity is irrelevant and immaterial. Barbarians always have excuses, Christian Crusaders had theirs, with no exception, so have every single other religion.

Like it or not, technology has made it possible for people to express their views, as reprehensible as it might be at times, and have it disseminated instantly worldwide.


Why the deafening silence from the leaders, elders and “reformist Muslims” in unequivocally condemning the latest barbarity?

Why instead of taking the high road, immunizing Islam by keeping it at the summit beyond the reach of all the ill-wishers and hijackers, the Muslim leaders and scholars lower the bar to the gutter level making it vulnerable to mass murderers, hate mongers, street thugs and asinine childish pranks of followers of all religions?

Where is Islam's Gandhi?


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Ladan Farhangi

Soosan Khanoom: U R Welcome

by Ladan Farhangi on

دو دو تا ، چهار تا !!!


آنکه یافت نمیشود آرزو است


 من میخواهم دوست و همسایه عزیز خود که یک خاخام یهودی است را به عنوان گاندی مسلمانان، مسیحیان، یهودیان.....انتخاب کنم!!
سر شب زنگ زد خواهش کرد اگر میتوانم یک سر بهش بزنم و کامپیوتر و ماهواره را دوباره ست کنم! وعده هفتگی داریم!!
پیرمرد با دانش و خوش زبانی است !! برایم از تاریخ، ابراهیم، یوسف، عیسی و محمد(ص) میگوید! من به او توصیه میکنم که غذای سالم و کم چرب بخورد و کمی ورزش کند!!
عزیزان اگر سوالی دارند بفرمایند، من از این مرد خدا میپرسم!!

I wear an Omega watch


@Rea ('Deception' in English)

by Demo on

Who killed Qaddafi? The US Marines or his own people? None of the two. Ans: The thugs paid by the US', & Saudis' $$$$. As simple as that.

Iran Paidar 1st

"Innocence of Moslims" just got...

by Iran Paidar 1st on

The movie "Innocence of Moslims" just got nomminated for Oscar.  The academy announced that the movie has been nominated in the following categories among others because of its artistic visualizations and factual and historic depictions. 

Best male actor --- Mohammad tazi

Best supporting actor --- Khar

Best female actor --- Aisheh

also nominated for Best Picture, best cinematography and others.



Who killed Qaddafi, @Demo

by Rea on

The US Marines or his own people ?

Soosan Khanoom

lol ... Rabbi Fred

by Soosan Khanoom on

Talking about detoxification ... Would deep sea diving in the Red Sea do it? If so sign me up..

Soosan Khanoom

Interesting point Ladan. Thanks !

by Soosan Khanoom on



Muhammad Movie Updates, and Muslim Savages

by IranFirst on

The biggest achievement of humanity is not science and the miracles
that it has produced, but democracy and freedom. It is thanks to these
that free inquiry became possible, scientific achievements were made and
the world emerged from the Dark Ages. These are the biggest treasures
of mankind.  If they are lost, everything will be lost and humanity will
revert to barbarity.

This freedom is now under attack. The enemy is Islam. Muslims are not hiding....


Oon Yaroo

Islam's Gandhi died 700 years ago!

by Oon Yaroo on

His name was Hafez and he has many admirers on this site.


"Where is Islam's Gandhi?" The closest one was M. R. Pahlavi!


And his method of dealing with these Muslim animals was through peaceful and loving and caring process of Sensing, Acknowledging, Verifying, Accepting, & Kind (SAVAK) treatment of them!

Shlomo would love to SAVAK these barbarics!


Blaming others

by Demo on

The 'truckers' perfectly get it now! The blog was not about the wolf cry over the 4 Americans killed in Lybia. No. Should blame ourselves about not getting it. It was about the essence of democracy and that one doesn't need to foam his/her rabid mouth murdering anyone let alone diplomats, no that is very undemocratic, just drone them from the skies democratically!  


اسلامیست ها


One refernce below among many about the $160 Billions frozen Libyans' people money sitting in western banks:


One wonders how come there are ever no protests by the 'Islamists' in the streets over such wealth taken away from Lybia, but there are protests over a stupid video! Perhaps these so called 'Islamists' are themselves are parts of the schemes set up by the same western mafia! 

Ladan Farhangi

اسلامیست ها

Ladan Farhangi

میگویند اصلا این چیزها که شماها ردیف می کنید بهیچوجه مطرح نیست، از ۱۹۷۹ که به اصطلاح اسلامیست ها با نقشه ی قبلی غرب ، به سفارت امریکا در تهران حمله کردند و به اصطلاح گروگانگیری شد، درعوض پول های ایران در بانک های امریکا حبس و توقیف شد، این کشورهای عربی هم خیلی پول توی آن بانک ها دارند، برای کمک به اقتصاد خراب غرب و امریکا ، حالا هم به سفارتخانه های امریکا حمله می شود، تا درعوض پول های  آن کشورهای عربی  در بانک های امریکا حبس و توقیف شود، دو دو تا ، چهار تا !!!


Blaming others

by Fred on

The sane-world residing Islamists/lefties still don’t get it.

No matter what, where and how anyone expresses an opinion, as vile as it might be, it does not justify foaming at the mouth rabid mobs murdering anyone let alone diplomats.

It seems the sane-world residing Islamists/lefties have a long way to go to understand the essence of democracy. On the other hand, those who have fallen for the witch’s brew of charlatan Ali Shariati need to be deprogrammed and detoxified first before expecting them to understand anything logical, let alone the principles of democracy.  

Keep on truckin!


By the way ...

by anglophile on

Some people on this site (and elsewhere) believe our friend Mossadegh was the Iranian Gandhi! Some who are more imaginative say Khomeini was the 'guy'.


Any more candidates? 


Roozbeh You Are Wrong 1000%!

by Demo on



Fooled by the US Media & by the Fred, Inc. already? Wake up then

The killings of those 4 American diplomats including ambassador Chris Stevens, had nothing to do with the movie production & the commonly used 'detours' subjects of muslims bashings & the muslims protests against this & that, but rather it was a very carefully planned act of revenge to get even with the US in its brutal murder of Lybians' long time leader, Qaddafi


Remebering that Lybia is an African country & that Qadaffi was not Sadaam, then what is there to condemn as we say it in Farsi

با آن دست که میدی با همان دست هم پس میگیری



Artificial Intelligence

OK Soosan Jaan - Roozbeh you are 100% Correct

by Artificial Intelligence on

Soosan: You have a very open mind. And you know the truth. Got it. Thanks.


Excellent comment Roozbeh!


Life Of Brian...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

a movie, poking stire at Jesus christ, made I believe in 1970's,   never led to riots, let alone murder, although objected to by many christians.

The point is not who made this very poorly made movie, let alone if they were Jews or christians. But to object to the savage rioting which led to the murder of this americans who had nothing to do with it's production...

Now, where is that "muslim" on this site who'd write a comment or a blog to condemn this murderous savage act which only fuels more hatred towards ordinary muslims????

Soosan Khanoom

It was made and produced by an Israeli with the assistance

by Soosan Khanoom on

Of those hired or rather tricked Eygptions   .. But They may have their names under it for misleading the entire thing ....The original facts are being distorted by yahoo news as we speak despite the fact that I read it there to begin with.... It depends when you click on the article.  These dirty decitful bastards who own the news are master at it... At the daybreak they can make you say it is night ...

Truth is out there and you do not need to be an anti Zionist to see it.  You just need to have an open mind.  The timing of the entire thing tells it all...

As long as we have the Zionists and radical muslims this world shall see no peace. PERIOD


Statement from the film's cast: "we were duped"

by Onlyiran on

They say they were duped into making this film, which they thought was about an Arabian warrior:


Another source: 


And AI is right.  An Egyptian coptic Christian with a suspect past seems to be behind this project.  "Bacil" seems to be one of his aliases.  It's in the NY Daily News article.    




Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

by Faramarz on


The Coptic (Ghebti) Christian Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is the man behind the movie.



But let's blame AIPAC and Netanyahu anyways! It just feels better!

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Soosan Khanoom

by Artificial Intelligence on

Just an FYI- The film was not made by any Israelis. The film was made by Coptic Christians who are constantly descriminated against by backwards Islamists in Egypt. 

Now go and spread more non sense about Zionists:))))


در جستجوی کچلی مو فر‌ فری


An oxymoron of sorts! There are lots of moderate, decent Muslims; the trouble is that "real" Moslems don't consider them Moslems.

Thank god for atheism


"Islam's Gandhis" are silenced....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

They are jailed, murdered, intimidated to silence.

The religion has been Hijacked by hate mongering fascists who do the killing jailing and intimidation. Just take a look at our own Fake Quran reciting "muslim", who has nothing to say but spew hatred against Jews, bahaais, americans, women.....or anyone who speaks the truth...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom

There were a few but the intelligent service got rid of them !!

by Soosan Khanoom on

Your Zionist's Regime, Rabbi Fred, feeds on the radicals and does anything possible to get rid of any other Islamic leader.  Look what you  guys have done to Binazir Butto and her father or to Abdul Naser or Mossadegh...

Check the history book there are many more but I'd rather not mention here due to your sever allergy to their names.  And, oh, please do not play dumb and innocent. 

Now back to the latest event , why has an Israeli made such a film in the U.S but not in Israel? Do you know that all the actors in the movie has released an statement distancing themselves from the producer and his ill intentions? Which was nothing but to get the Americans blood all pumped up and ready for a war!!!

Exactly ...  Feeding on the radicals and reach your goal.   That actually works pretty well for you Rabbi Fred ... Then what's the matter ? Why did you write this blog and lamenting like you are really missing someone!!!    Oh please give us a break !!!  Seriously Khodeti !  I mean the donkey. LOL 



by Faramarz on


You are exhibiting some signs of life this morning! Good!

Now if I can get you to gently put that holy book down for a few days!

Artificial Intelligence

Mission Impossible

by Artificial Intelligence on

Ask our Dear Iraj Khan. Maybe He can do some Chakhan and fool the prospective Gandi to finally rise up amongst the Muslim Masses to defeat AIPAC.

On a serious note, The rift between the Shia and Sunni must be resolved first before a Gandi can represent all Muslims. That is why I say impossible. 


رضا گندی!


و رضا پهلوی با «گندی» و «مانده لا» نامیدن خود گندی تازه زد و از جانب حسرت بدلان و شاه طلبان لقب دائمی «مانده لاگند» شاه را بخود اختصاص داد! تبریک!


بو گندی اسلام!




گاندی اسلام بوگندی از کار در اومد!


GOD's Short Memory!

by Demo on

Not Gandhi, but the people of 'faith' are to follow the GOD's revelations & his prophets instead. And as for "reformists," "Islam immuniation," & many other similar words being used nowadays to correct the situation, that began with the invasion & occupation of Afghanistan & Iraq by the 'sane world' right after 911 kiliing hundreds thousands of Muslims/Non-Muslims there, well sorry! GOD certainly never needed, does not need, and will never need anybody to either reform his religion or to introduce new words into his own non-reformable words! And besides, what is the taking over of somebody's home illegally got to do with religion, anyways?! 

PS: Mass murderers, hate mongers, street thugs and asinine childish pranks are following their own made or their leaders' made religions & not GOD's religion. The real barbarians are the ones who first occupy your country & then drone you daily by labeling you Islamists terrorists, this & that!