Why diplomacy?


by Fred

These are couple of open questions to all those advocates of “diplomacy” with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

Despite that it might appear so, no curve ball or loaded question is intended, there is no agenda except to comprehend. The frame of mind, reasoning, logic and its resulting outcome is a mystery to me and there might be others in my situation.

First some basic facts backed by sheer weight of incontrovertible evidence, throughout its thirty years of rule by “pragmatists, reformers and principalists” IRR has:

1- Killed many Iranians of all ages and both gender.  

2- Raped and tortured many Iranians of all ages and both gender.

3- For their political/religious beliefs incarcerated many Iranians of all ages and both gender.

4- Dispossessed many Iranians of their valuables on top of the list their dignity.

5- Robbed Iranians of their inalienable rights including pursuit of happiness.

6- Made Iran and Iranians virtual pariah on the International scene.

7- Acclimated most Iranians of all ages and both gender to unadulterated violence.

8- Been heading the wrong way during all its thirthy years. 

The list can go on and on, now the questions:

Given the above is the aim, the wished for end result of diplomacy with IRR one or both of the below and/or something else:

1- To convince IRR to act totally against its dogma and behave the opposite of its lifelong way of life.

2- To get IRR to become agreeable to core demands of West, namely not to act as the spoiler particularly in the Middle East and show total transparency in its nuke program.


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