Wrath of IRR


by Fred

After a lull in the assassinations of the overseas opposition figures and other covert terrorist operations by the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, Persian service of radio Deutsche Welle has an alarming report on the subject.

According to the German radio report, for the very first time a high ranking commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps openly threatens foreign mass media outlets and the Iranian opposition. In an interview with IRNA, the official news organ of the IRR, the Deputy Head of IRR’s Armed Forces Headquarters, Brigadier General Seyyed Massoud Jazayeri says:

“The forbearance of the Islamic Republic does not mean it can allow elements of overthrow and extensions of the soft coup d'état to conspire and should it be forced to, it is capable of facing the overseas followers of the coup d'état with serious challenges.”

The Deputy Head of IRR’s Armed Forces Headquarters further in part says:

“A considerable number of the conspiracy’s foot soldiers have been identified and at the appropriate time will be dealt with.”

In a separate report the same radio publishes interviews with directors of Persian radio services of England, France, Germany and Radio farda in Prague who all were threatened by the same Revolutionary Guard commander.

All the IRR’s uniquely Islamist savagery including raping men, women and children demonstrators, breaking bones and all other brutalities are losing their effect on people. As the situation gets gloomier for the Islamist Rapists inside Iran, and it will get progressively gloomier, IRR will become even more desperate and will lash out outside Iran’s borders.   

Before the nuke acquiring IRR imposes a devastating war on Iran and the region, the sane world has to step in. To speedup their demise, airtight sanctions in tandem with unremitting moral and material support to the enslaved Iranians to overthrow this Islamist menace is a must, time is of the essence.  






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Mort Gilani

When the End is Near

by Mort Gilani on

You understand the nature of Islamic Rapists better than anybody else, but your concern about the Islamists acquiring nukes and covert terrorist operations are unwarranted. Everyone including the miserable Islamists knows that no country will stand the Islamist thugs in proximity of a nuclear trigger, but we will never reach that point anyway. This maggot infested regime is being devoured faster than we can imagine, but the sad accomplishments of the Islamists during their parasitic existence have been to effectively feed their opponents distorted truth, shattered confidence, dashed hopes, empty threats and cheap talk.
The phony threats made by IRGC buffoons are nothing new as they are intended to obscure the internal problems this regime is facing. These threats deserve little attention.


What a nonsense from sepah

by cyclicforward on

It is obvious that they are loosing control and every word the utter is about violence and threat. They are definitely losing it and people are getting their wish. A few more month of this and we will be done with this Kessafat of regime.


Israeli and Palestinian

by vildemose on

Israeli and Palestinian youth use video to understand the conflict Two different organizations in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories are using video tools to help both Arabic and Jewish youth to understand the conflict and bridge gaps between them //globalvoicesonline.org/2009/11/06/israeli-and-palestinian-youth-use-video-to-understand-the-conflict/


    Iranian Police Van

by vildemose on

    Iranian Police Van with Opposition Slogans

Revolution is all about the balance of confidence. Once the people feel confident they can take on the regime and the regime no longer feels confident they are in control, that is when change comes about.

And how is this footage below as an indication of how confident the Green Movement feels? Could anyone have ever imagined it six months ago? Right at the beginning of the clip you see a traffic police van with 'Long Live Karroubi and Moussavi' written with big letters all over it , that is confidence :))


assassinations and terrorist operations

by Q on

After a lull in the assassinations of the overseas opposition figures and other covert terrorist operations

Too bad no such "lull" has occurred with respect to ISR, the Israeli State of Racism, or Western terrorist support operations in Iran, killing innocent Iranians left and right.

Somehow those deaths never get mentioned in hasbara talking points. Care to illumniate?