Up you all

by Fred

The Supreme Leader of the Islamist republic has just delivered his much anticipated speech. In a nearly an hour long sermon/political speech the unelected lifetime absolute leader poured ice cold water on the hopes heated up for any signs of compromise in the ongoing power struggle in the heart of the Islamist republic’s leadership.

Aside all the usual half truths and outright lies, the Supreme Leader’s speech, at times taking loutish tone, was a stern warning to all to toe the official line or else. And the else in the Islamist republic is by now a known commodity to all who care to know. One can expect much more of what has been dished out till now in the form of roaming armed government thugs, arbitrary cold blooded murders, stabbings, clubbings, arrests, disappearances, random personal property damages and other signature Islamist M.O.

It is now clear, if for some unfathomable reason it was not till now, that the Islamist republic is a tyranny and tyrannies are not reformable, they need to be overthrown. The late Shah of Iran heard” the voice of the revolution” too late, not only personally suffered the consequences of it; more importantly facilitated the imposition of the absolute tyranny on the Iranian nation for the past thirty years.

The Supreme Leader’s speech which can be summed up as up you all will go down as a pivotal moment in missed opportunity to bow out gracefully and let people have what are their inalienable rights--life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which are sorely missing and are deeply desired by the enslaved Iranians. 


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WE THE Supremes...

by rainbowcountery on



RE: Ramtin

by AnonymousX (not verified) on

You are wrong. Proof: The shah had an army of 450,000 personnel, 90% of which were loyal to him until just a couple of months before the fall of the his regime.

And I do know that Shah and IRI are different and that the IRI does not hesitate to kill, but people are more fed up and desparate today than they ever were under the pahlavis.

Your logic is flawed. You underestimate the termendoud power of the people, once united and if they keep this unity.

Fred: Good post. Thanks.

P.S. There are rumors that some mollahs and non-mollah officials are cashing in their belongings and leaving the country. I wonder why.


All this end of IRI talk

by Ramtin (not verified) on

What a load of baloney.
Just look at the crowds gathering in Tehran.. most of them are waving IRI flags and chanting Islamic slogans. Women wear their magnieh and roosari tight over their heads. They are carrying posters of a founding father of IRI and fellow Rafsanjani bandit/thief. Those brave protesters are covering their faces with masks and fabric so they won't be recognised. What are they afraid of? Being killed, tortured? Losing their Sharif University PhD placement? (Thanks Mahmood for footing the tuition bill!) If this was really the "beginning of the end" then they wouldn't be scared of ANYTHING. They would show the govt that killing them is the only way to silence them. Then IRI would be in a jam. For God's sakes their are 100,000 thousands of them. Not a dozen or so in a corner, why are they still afraid? I'll tell you.. Because They know they will be living under IRI for quite some time yet which is why they are incognito. Same with the pathetic expatriates abroad protesting.. painting their faces and the like.. they don't want to get detained in Iran on their next bi-yearly North Tehran rendezvous. They are still damn scared and know the score. What do you expect is going to happen this time around that didn't happen in previous protests? Don't look at the "numbers", just more scared Irooni's letting off steam and getting nowhere. Oh and Sarkozy has come out and said some incoherent non-sense.. oh jeez you got to be kidding me..


Re: Anonymous

by Souri on

Rafsanjani was in Qum just yesterday. Although he has many investments aborad, but I don't believe he can get out of Iran so easily.

As many of us know already, Rafsanjani, and his assistant of the time "Falah nejad" and also (some say) Mousavi himself, are  pursued by the international police and as soon as they leave Iran, they
will be arrested for the crimes they have ordered and sponsored in Lebanon by the Lebanese Hezbollah.

I am even very much surprised how would Mousavi become a President, if he is pursued by the International police? How would he be able to travel abroad as a criminal president?

Many unanswered questions in this Islamic Republic  world.

Ali P: in order to inform yourself, you must dig a lot both in the net, and also trough some political organization. There are not so many real sources you can get about him in this site.


Eye A Toll Ah

by A B (not verified) on

He talks "at the people" like they're his little bastard kids. *uck him and all his little bitches around him.

Time for the revolution!


Sarkosy Is My Man

by t (not verified) on

French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged Iran Friday not to "go beyond the point of no return" after the Islamic republic's spiritual leader called for an end to election protests, AFP informed.
"I hope that the leaders will not go beyond the point of no return," he told reporters, after a European Union summit in Brussels.
"We don't want to give the impression that foreign countries ... are involved in domestic elections in Iran, we have values and convictions," he said.
But "when we see results that are so incoherent, a Europe that keeps its mouth shut would not correspond to the values we consider to be European," he went on.


Burden of the hearts

by Fred on


Come hell or high water Iran will finally taste the sweet nectar of liberty and much sooner than one could imagine, not an iota of doubt about it. It is just the price that she has been paying and it seems the Islamists will force her to pay even more of it is the burden of the hearts.

The lines have been drawn and from now on all the nuances that many hid behind to earn their livelihoods are gone. It is a straight out Islamist tyranny, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Those who want to cut a deal with it, they shall but with the public knowledge of they are cuddling and cutting deals with Islamist cutthroats. Those who continue to play on the ridiculous “indigenous democratic” aspects of the Islamist regime will have a hell of time to continue pushing that nonsense.

And those who have had to deal with the regime lobbies, useful idiots and friendly oppositions all the while trying to have their voices heard about the true nature of the Islamist republic-- because the former have been exposed can now concentrate all their efforts on the latter.

"Time with whose passage certain pains abate

But sharpens those of Persia's unjust fate"


When I read the news early

by t (not verified) on

When I read the news early this morning, there was a rage in me like no other day. Do they think they can so easily dismiss all. Similar to when a parent wants to force a decision upon his adult kid, the kid rebels, the people of Iran will rebel. They need to rebel. There is no other option remaining. What reform. Reform thru voting as Khamenei suggested is a joke. F _ _ _ the IRI and the entire Islamic structure.

Saad rahmat be Shah. He stepped down when he saw he was no longer wanted by the masses.


to Annonymous: Akbar is known as Kuseh '

by Taghi (not verified) on

It is Ayatollah Montazeri who is known as Gorbeh Nareh and his son was the gun weilding Mammad Ringo who was blown up in that explosion in early 1980s in the Parliament!!

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

On one hand it’s sad that he took this position but on the other hand it could be a blessing in disguise. He has taken the risk of “black or white”. He may feel empowered by his militia force the same way his predecessor (Khomeini) did in slaughtering MEK. It will be a test of our nation’s resolve for real democracy or abolishment of velayate vaghih. As an optimist I believe the latter will prevail.

What do you think will be the next step and outcome?

I have always respected your posts in silence.

Artificial Intelligence

This is a very Scary Time

by Artificial Intelligence on

I see no way out of this tyranny other than through the price of blood. I think Rafsanjani knows that if he challenges Khamenei, it means the end of the system they have created. I fear for the Iranian people.

God bless them! 

Good post Fred!


Any updates as to what is giong on?

by Anonymous_me (not verified) on

The silence is making me nervous. I am not able to get any updates, this is getting crazy. All of the videos are old, and the media has been locked down. Is the internet shut down over the whole country? Knowing the history of Iran, I am confused what has become of the country. I pray for all of you in Iran, especially the basij, and clerics so you wake up from the nightmare they are causing. How do you sleep at night? Can one of you (especially those who beat and kill) explain to me what the conversation you think you will have with your God when all of this is over? I know you are reading sites like this, and God knows you read this. What will you tell him then, that you didn't understand these words? There were not enough signs for you in this world that it is better to Love than Hate? Stop abusing the people. Have mercy. Your time is running out. I can't wait until you run out of Oil, then I will return. You are acting like you will be in power forever, and the oil will last forever. Until then, I pray you find it in your heart to be kind. What you are doing to the youth is a crime! Did it happen to you? is that why you are doing it to them? when will this end? how far are you willing to go? Look at Japan. They got nuked by America, not once but twice, and moved on. Did they do to you worst than what happend to them? They made it an economic war, and now GM went out of business. Did Toyota? Did Honda? Did Nissan? Open your eyes and unleash the talented people you have and let our people shine!


Akbar better known as gorbeh nareh!

by Annonymous (not verified) on

I am not kidding when I say this. Although there is no definitive confirmation, some say Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is somewhere on the Sudanese coast, residing in the villa he purchased a number of years ago. Sounds reminiscent of the 1979 revolution when "TAGHOUTIS" where fleeing Iran in droves



by kashanist (not verified) on

Absolute power has made him completely blind and deaf.We know where he is going to end up. History has shown it over and over again.

Viva Iran & Iranians

Ali P.

Pivotal moment indeed

by Ali P. on

The lines are being drawn.The"who's who"s of the Islamic Republic are taking sides.

I just have not heard anything- other than rumors- from our man, the mastermind of the IRI, Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Has anyone?