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by Fred

A hallmark of the Islamist cutthroat republic from its inception has been its omnipresence in Iranians’ life. It does not matter what sphere, from birth to death and all that fills the in-between, the IRI is there. And now that the cybersphere is fast becoming a part of personal life, the IRI is imposing its presence there too.

The Persian language service of the Radio France International reports of weblogs of some of the detainees that are enjoying the top rated prison facilities of the IRI are being regularly updated with new content not by the incarcerated weblog owners but by the regime cyber imposters.

The RFI reports of the case of a woman journalist and in passing mentions more sinister yet unconfirmed rumors. The rumor is some of the Iranian students who are studying abroad when making a visit to Iran are asked for their email and password at the airport.

Of course none of this comes as a surprise to some who have had the pleasure of being in the crosshair of the IRI, and for long have developed countermeasures to defeat and at times string along and play the Islamist cyber imposters.   But in light of the use of cyberspace during the recent demonstrations as an effective organizing tool and Islamist regime’s  more aggressive posture in infiltrating and sowing havoc it is incumbent upon all to be vigilante.  

The RFI report can be found here:



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