Zionists done it again

by Fred

I don’t think any fair-minded individual would have a problem with the statement that, things with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, has hit the fan.

And sure enough those who have had direct hand in creating it, its cheerleaders and some of those who were helping to run IRR, are now all talking in the third person. In other word, blaming others for what they have helped to create.

This, others done it syndrome, is quite evident in the latest “communiqué”, it must be number two hundred something by now, that the former two-term IRR prime minister turned leader of Islamist Green Movement has just issued.

It is also evident in the writings of the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of lefty allies. All are playing innocent and are hard at work in assigning blame for what they all, overtly and/or covertly, had a hand in creating.

Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan does not apply here. The failed Islamist experiment has many documented fathers, and tries as they might to blame their utter failure on Imperialism, Capitalism and Zionism, it does not change the fact a bit.


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Triple Haji

by Fred on

The rabid triple Haji’s beef is with Israel, which is fine, take a number.

But when Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of allies try to sacrifice Iran and Iranians for their anti-Israeli goals, that is not fine at all. Khodeti Haji!


Fred Wolfovitz Admiration of Zionism

by HHH on

Another try by Israeli-Fred to "Not blame" the zionists of Israel for all of their atrocities in the past 62 years.

You're insulting our intelligence!


indeed some "documented fathers" of the islamsit regime

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Are allegeddly Israeli Zionists of highest level. There are some proof to this allegation: Material support by the state of Israel for the islamist regime during Iran/Iraq war, the Islamist Regime/Israel joint ventures of Hizbullah and Hamas who so successfully fractured and defeated the palistinian resistance to  Israel's aggression, not to mention ex SAVAK, now Etelaat ministry of Islamic Regime, created by Mossad.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Confused Haji

by Fred on

Actually confused Haji, nice try but no cigar. It might be “Islamic Rapist Republic” for you, but my name for your system is Islamist Rapist republic.

You Islamists constantly try to confuse the two, the religion of Islam and your savage Islamist dogma, nothing doing Haji!


You cannot help it Fred. Can you?

by reader1 on

Your obsession with the state of Israel and Zionism overrides your sense of reason and devalue your occasionally valid criticism of the IRI and the political leaders of the  green movement .  I have not read the communiqué you are referring to, but I am sure the ‘Zionism’ was not the focal point as you have eluded in this blog of yours.  

PS.  No brownie points for you this time – you forgot the term “Islamic Rapist Republic” !

marhoum Kharmagas

things with your sane world has hit..!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Things with IRI hit the fan long time ago, it is things with your "sane world", the world of corporate military fascism and AIPAC that has in this decade hit the fan real hard with a scope much wider than that of IRI's $H!+ hitting the fan. Do I need to remind you of Mojahedin "freedom fighters" that your sane world created in Afghanistan/Pakistan ....Your masters thought the fan would only deflect that $H!+ in Russia's and Iran's direction but it didn't work that way, did it?

Farah Rusta

Stay home and keep safe Pirouz

by Farah Rusta on

But don't you think you are a little exaggerating this hailstorm stuff? Weather forecast for bay area isn't that gruesome. You are not a chicken are you Pirouz dear? 

You see Pirouz, here at Fred's we work the Israeli working hours which means we can only work when you guys are in bed at night. Night shifts here in Tel Aviv don't pay well.


OK time to go home. 


Shalom sweetie



Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Hi Farah.

No, maybe it's more like frustration. There's a major rainstorm in progress and I'm effectively grounded. I'm equipped to ride motorcycles in the rain but I still avoid it.

You know, it's too bad the "Fred" effort is so negative. There is so little positive value to this effort. And it really needs an editor and a proofreading procedure. Obviously these people are hacks. They either need a bigger budget or they need to divvy up less so that they can hire additional staff members to provide these fundamental publishing services. 

Farah Rusta

I sense jealousy Pirouz

by Farah Rusta on

When did you take your last pill?



Sargord Pirouz

Can't you pass this on to

by Sargord Pirouz on

Can't you pass this on to one of the more competent writers in English before posting it here on Iranian.com? If you people at "Fred" had a competent editor, this would probably never happen.

I have to say, it's almost as annoying as the content.