Freedom Fighter Of Iran
by Freedom Fighter Of Iran

One of the disturbing thoughts among other things in Iran and Iranian history is this question:


Where do they really originate ? Are they the remaning of the past Ottoman empire who conquered

Iran and then stayed in Iran till now ? 

Iranian need to question everything now , everything needs an answer and analysis from now on

to avoid any future mistakes and any foul play in the future political system .


I remember in Tehran when i was in those years around 1970 and after that

every where on the streets of Tehran i could see probably 3 out of 10 people were

or could be of Turkish origine , i was wondering and asking this question since then

where all these huge number of Turkish come from to Iran ? i felt living in Turkistan 

not in Iran !


All of them were so clever in every thing from business to education , actually these Turkish

people have MONOPOLIZED the Bazar of Tehran and making millions of Dollars from

Iran's economy , and these same Turkish people were / are extremly fanatic and Islamic  

and they have garvely contributed to the Establishment of this Fucking Islamic regime in Iran

all the members of the Secret police , Pasdaran most have Turkish as their agent of murderers

along side others and as well as those fucking Palestenians and Libanon Hezbollah .


I am pretty sure Turkish people can quickly change their  color as they only care where their profit

is in any Regime , we call these kind of people in Iranian language ( Bogalamon Sefatan ) or in English

[A Turkey's Colorful feathers ]  !  what a coincidence of the English word and the Turkish noun !

Well i like to question everything from now on and Iranian need answers and totall awarness of the

other Ethnic groupes in IRAN for which the majority are Turkish ! and the minority are Arabs and

then Armenian , Assyrians ,  and so on ..the trouble would be the Turkish for sure .


The Arbas in the south of Iran in Abadan and Ahwaz , were sent out of Iraq by Sadam Houssein in Shah's

time as they were Shiit muslim and as Iran is unfortunately one the Biggest ,rarrest Shiit muslim country

so Shah of Iran let them into Iran as refugees , Iran has close borders with Iraq and the borders are so

close to each other one must not think Arabs have lived

in Iran for thousands of years , who said this ?  






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Turks in Iran

by Savalan on

Turkish is not limited to one province of Iran, as some maintain; rather, it is spread throughout every province and district... The Turks and Persians in Iran are not like two separate heaps, but like a chessboard during a game in which each player has penetrated the otherÂ’s ranks and the black pieces have mingled with the white ones: Among the villages in which the inhabitants speak Persian, one sees villages in which the people speak Turkish, and many Persian cities, such as Tehran or Shiraz or Qazvin or Hamadan, are surrounded on all sides by Turkish villages or tribes; indeed, the people of the latter two cities understand both languages and speak both of them. 

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

I wasn't sure what exactly Captain was referring to on his blog so I thought I'd check it out... !!

Kinda wish I hadn't come now.  :-)


Capt ahyab, are you blind?

by Iraniandudeee on

I just clearly mentioned that Iranians azeris are of Iranic stock, even their names are derived form the old persian meaning, zeri, which means fire, and azerbeyjan, which means land of fire.



by capt_ayhab on


iraniandudeee.... آذربادگان/آذرآبادگان


Your ignorance of Azarbaijan and Azaries is as ridicules as this guy[Freedom fighter] if not more. Dudeee you two need to get together and share some first grade books before you open up your RACIST mouths and make complete fool of yourselves. Read baba jan you might learn thing or two[God forbid]

//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azerbaijan_(Iran) << My lazey ref. ;-)


The name Azerbaijan itself is derived from Atropates, the Satrap (governor) of Medea in the Achaemenid empire, who ruled a region found in modern Iranian Azarbaijan called Atropatene. Atropates name is believed to be derived from the Old Persian roots meaning "protected by fire."The name is also mentioned in the Avestan Frawardin Yasht: âterepâtahe ashaonô fravashîm ýazamaide which translates literally to: We worship the Fravashi of the holy Atare-pata.

The name Atropat in Middle Persian was transformed to Adharbad and is
connected with Zoroastrianism
. A famous Zoroastrian priest by the name
Adarbad Mahraspandan is well known for his counsels.
Azerbaijan, due to its numerous fire-temples has also been quoted in a
variety of historic sources as being the birth place of the prophet Zoroaster
although modern scholars have not yet reached an agreement on the location of his birth.

Ignorance galore...... 



Just one question

by amirkabear4u on

If you answer just this question I can explain many of your political enquiries;

How OLD are you Freeedom Fighter of Iran?




by Iraniandudeee on

Actually, there aren't many Turks or Azeris in Iran, estimate says they're 20-24% at best, and they were originally Persians who were converted through force to speak and adapt Turkish as their own language when the ottomans invaded, hence, why they don't look like Asiatic mongolian Turkics.


They're Iranic blooded, it's that simple.


Based on your araajeef, you must belong to the...

by Ostaad on

kharchosoneh insect family specially the kind that lives, eats and breeds in chaaheh mostaraahs of Tabriz.

khaleh mosheh

Definitely an IRI goon

by khaleh mosheh on

Surely racist posts like this non sense should not be entertained here.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Beware of the IRI goons - their moto: divide to rule

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


What a lot of bull....

by javaneh29 on

I think you need glasses as well as an education. Ive been following your blogs and I have come to the conclusion that you are 'purely' racist.

I will not be reading any more of your nonesense.


The Shepherdess

Your ignorance is sickening

by The Shepherdess on

I can understand ignorance in places where there is no access to free information. But it is inexcusable amongst some downright THICK Iranians who live abroad. Go educate yourself first before you write another blog. 

maziar 58

@#**#$$! ??

by maziar 58 on

first the refugees were kurd with one side of the parent being from Iran and part of the 70's politic in middle east;

Arab spoken by local khuzestani were living there since noah times

our azari brothers are Iranian YOU liking it or not.

how will it be for us to be treated  as .... here in the west ?

please target the mullahs it  seems better.    Maziar

Little Tweet

can anyone top this display of total ignorance?

by Little Tweet on

I certainly doubt it


Now I know you are not worth reading

by fozolie on

Azari is not just the language of Azarbijan but the language of vast part of the countryside in Iran. And they are more Iranian than you (reference the Tabriz resitance in the Qajar period). You should take a leaf out of their book, get out there and do what your title says? Or is that just a meaningless title?

Mr. Fozolie