On the light side

by Gerdekan

 Hot summer afternoons of Tehran and clear voice of a gerdoo seller in Shemiron streets was wonderful.

Once in while, I used to buy all he had to sell for the evening at four O'clock in the afternoon.

Fresh gerdoo and feeling that the young salesman can go home early to his family made the gerdoos taste even better.


And the young gerdoo salesman said....

Maghzeh gerdoyeh tazeh           Khoda vasileh sazeh

Ajab noghli dareh Shemiron      Poolhayeh halal

Dozar gerdo medam yek fal      Behtar az golhayeh Shemiron

Baba choon alachineh be moataleeh         Khoda barket medeh poolhayeh halal

Dozar gerdo medam yek fal       Behtar az golhayeh Shemiron



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