Bastardizing Sa'di poem to accommodate AN's Fugliness


Bastardizing Sa'di poem to accommodate AN's Fugliness
by Hovakhshatare

Notice that on AN's picture the poem has been changed. The word میمون has been changed to زیبای

Seems like even his followers realize his resemblance to a monkey and feel obliged to change words of a famous poet to accommodate AN. With wealth of Iranian poems including Sa'di it is amazing they could not find another passage to use without bastardizing the original. But then again:

نیش عقرب نه از ره کین است

Here is the original un-abused poem

بخت بازآید از آن در که یکی چون تو درآید

روی میمون تو دیدن در دولت بگشاید

صبر بسیار بباید پدر پیر فلک را

تا دگر مادر گیتی چو تو فرزند بزاید

این لطافت که تو داری همه دل‌ها بفریبد

وین بشاشت که تو داری همه غم‌ها بزداید

رشکم از پیرهن آید که در آغوش تو خسبد

زهرم از غالیه آید که بر اندام تو ساید

نیشکر با همه شیرینی اگر لب بگشایی

پیش نطق شکرینت چو نی انگشت بخاید

گر مرا هیچ نباشد نه به دنیا نه به عقبی

چون تو دارم همه دارم دگرم هیچ نباید

دل به سختی بنهادم پس از آن دل به تو دادم

هر که از دوست تحمل نکند عهد نپاید

با همه خلق نمودم خم ابرو که تو داری

ماه نو هر که ببیند به همه کس بنماید

گر حلالست که خون همه عالم تو بریزی

آن که روی از همه عالم به تو آورد نشاید

چشم عاشق نتوان دوخت که معشوق نبیند

پای بلبل نتوان بست که بر گل نسراید

سعدیا دیدن زیبا نه حرامست ولیکن

نظری گر بربایی دلت از کف برباید


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manny, indeed only photoshop job is you

by Hovakhshatare on

You are fake through and through. It is your conscience and morality that is fake.


Indeed perfect Photoshop artwork

by mannya2001 on

Once I became aware of the photoshop done to the Khamenie poster as well as the placard by one of the female protestors, I have to say that all such photos are ones that raise alot of suspicion.

Afterall, with video clip arriving overseas in the thousands, why is it that such photos also taken by phone camera (most likely) are not video taped??

Little Tweet

ماهی‌ از سر گنده گردد نی‌ ز دم

Little Tweet

Love it! Just like when they wrote the above verse in all school books. The books were published with that verse in the preface for years :)


Actually, the guy who made this is more clever than I originally

by Hovakhshatare on

thought. He can't lose. Think about it, what is AN & friends gonna say to him... We caught you and you are dead meat unless you replace زیبای with میمون ?


jj & Monda, I agree it fits the pattern regardless

by Hovakhshatare on

but I hope if it is a joke, the guy who did it has a solid excuse and can plead ignorance so he won't get in trouble. Although, AN and IRR have their hands full with Khaso Khashak, so likely no time to chase this down.


JJ I agree

by Monda on

Subtle and true to IRI qualities.

Jahanshah Javid

A joke

by Jahanshah Javid on

You're right Hovakhshatare. The person who did it was probably making a subtle joke. Still, it fits in nicely with the Big Lie this regime has become.


Hah! Caught!

by Monda on

Good one Hovakhhshatare :o)))


I think you agree that the surprising part is not that they did

by Hovakhshatare on

it, but that they did it with Sa'di with whom Iranians are so well versed in. I wonder the guy who put it together did it as subtle joke, knowing it'll be caught :)

Jahanshah Javid

Monkey business

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is amazing. One of the better examples of how these guys distort in order to deceive. Thank you for posting.