Good bye IC

Good bye IC
by Hovakhshatare

But if you don't know your friends from your enemies, and don't delineate democracy from demogoguery, then you end up with bunch of IRR agents and half wits that need to do litlle but make assanine, derogatory or logical sounding arguments and waste everyone's time, and distract from important topics at a critical time for Iran and the world; They never make any meaningful, material or touching contribution other than some twisted angle to support or defend or explain a regime that no normal, decent human being can or will. jj, you can gain much in quality & finances with a little bit of clean up. And I know you have repeatedly shown that you own the site and know best. But hopefully you can tell friends from foes.



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This thread

by masoudA on

Is a great testiment on the bonding that has taken place here on IC.   IC is a proof on how "Freedom of Speech" and open lines of communication can ultimately result in solidarity between Iranians - something that has long been our weakness.  


Louie, that was funny hamseda. Here is one from a regular

by Hovakhshatare on

here: // for all of you. It happens to have Shazdeh in it also albeit not in that role.  


Louie Louie

Mikhastam zoodtar barat ino bezaram vali tanbalim shod

by Louie Louie on

kholaseh, bemoon ta bemoonam.


Ari Siletz

Likewise Hovakh

by Ari Siletz on

Looking forward to exchanges.


Cheers all. look forward to more interesting exchanges

by Hovakhshatare on

on many upcoming faithful days and times. 12 Bahman, 22 Bahman, 17 Esfand, 4shanbeh souri, 29 Esfand, 13 Farvardin.

divaneh, vildemose. LT. back at you.

Ebi, another beautiful meaningful poem as usual. mer30

Little Tweet


by Little Tweet on

I am with the puddy tat!


HOvak jan: I decide to

by vildemose on

HOvak jan: I decide to leave almost everyweek but I always come back. I have been called an 'AIPAC  affiliated' and a zionist this or that...but I refuse to let the Islamists win.

This is not time to leave. Don't let disagreements over style and delivery dissuade you.  Our cause is much bigger than IC, Sargord et al. Focus on the big picture and our goal, which requires all of us to rise above it all including our sometimes bruised egos.

ebi amirhosseini

For Hovakhshatare...hang in there....

by ebi amirhosseini on

وای از این افسرده گان فریاد اهل درد کو ؟
ناله مستانه دلهای غم پرورد کو ؟
ماه مهر ایین که میزد باده با رندان کجاست
باد مشکین دم که بوی عشق می آورد کو ؟
در بیابان جنون سرگشته ام چون گرد باد
همرهی باید مرا مجنون صحرا گرد کو ؟
بعد مرگم می کشان گویند درمیخانه ها
آن سیه مستی که خم ها را تهی می کرد کو؟
پبش امواج حوادث پایداری سهل نیست
مرد باید تا نیندیشد ز طوفان مرد کو ؟
دردمندان را دلی چون شمع می باید رهی
گرنه ای بی درد اشک گرم و آه سرد کو؟


Ebi aka Haaji



by divaneh on

Thank you for the good news.


Progress Report. Still humbled & grateful

by Hovakhshatare on

I would not be wise if I did not heed the advice and support here. MM, divaneh, VPK, CoP, I'm much obliged.

Take away is for me not to underestimate the community weight, support & advice, and for jj/IC that community's strength arises from those that have something say, contribute & learn as articulated by some of its best represented on this thread.


The fundraiser last night was a great success. Reporters Without Frontiers is a great organization and my hat's off to them. They also raise the much ignored issue of Refugees in Turkey (because of cozy relations, Turkey does not recognize Iranian refugees as such). Two reporters in flight have been reported to have crossed the border to Turkey in the past few days but no further info has been received and their whereabouts unknown. Will blog on this later. Kiosk put on a great show as usual in support as did a few others. I had a brief conversation with Namjoo who graciously accepted to support the educational activities and upcoming plans that I will also blog about.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The tide turns

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes 30 years ago we left and handed over Iran to the freaks. There was a lot of psychology involved. Our side was demoralized and defacto handed over the nation. Some people even thought maybe the revolutionaries had a point.Many people secretly felt that maybe the Marxists had a point. Maybe there new way was going to bring more justice. We had our trust in the Shah who was not willing to stand up for his way. Without a strong leader we packed up and went off.

Now things are different. Our side is energized. We know as a fact that the Islamic revolution was a disaster. Those of us who after 30 years still put Iran first are not going to give in. Not so easily specially when we see our brave brothers and sisters fighting back home. 

A few nasty words from IRR gang is not going to deter us. 


Hovakh, don't give them the satisfaction

by Cost-of-Progress on

Come on now. Anyone who could, left Iran in the last 30 years. We have given our country to these anti nationalist peopole on a platter already. Don't leave because they are trying to pollute IC too.

The beauty of a truly democractic system is in its ability to present views from all sides. 

Stay brother. Stay and let your voice be heard: loud and clear.




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


One more thing. The IRR gang is trying to drown out our voice in their noise. The loss of your voice will be a lost for us and a victory for them. Do you really want that happening? We are stronger together so once more I request that you remain here. As divaneh points out being on other forums does not mean you must to be off this one. 

We need to be as active as possible. With cross posting between forums; getting people in contact and getting them excited and moving.


Stay with us Hovakhshatare

by divaneh on

I have always admired your passion for Iran and now envy you for getting involved in so many other activities to help bringing down the IRI. However I cannot see why doing more elsewhere should cause you to leave IC. I also think that everyone should be heard and that includes the IRI agents. You said it; they are not an intellectual or factual match. In fact their presence is very entertaining. As an example look at 2nd comment by Sarkaar Barandeh. It made me laughed so hard as he was trying to defend himself against the Shazdeh and counting his own credits. It was like a little child who has been told off and now defends himself. All in all, they are paid to invent reasons to justify the unjustifiable and that shows them up to everyone as well as being a good laugh for us. I hope you re-consider and stay.


Hang in there Hovakhshatare

by MM on

VPK is correct,

Unlike Iran, we have freedom of speech and expression in this forum.  Once you argue with these Nay-Sayers in a rational way and they turn around and resort to mocking us, they have lost the argument.  However, you cannot shame the shameless, and they keep insulting us to derail the message.  Focus on the message.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I mostly agree with your point of view. No question about it. I think you contribute a great deal. Theefore I request that you please remain here.

As for the IRR types we all know who they are.; so what if they have their say. It is freedom of speech. I commend JJ for letting people say what they want. If we had heard more of Khomeini's words and read his writings before the 1979 fiasco maybe IRR would have not happened. I have said before: The best way to discredit someone is through their own words. If things get out of hand; a  person is using multiple accounts and/or spamming that may be handled on an individual basis.

My advice: Hang around and provide your point of view. A view I generally agree with.



My fellow Iranians, I am humbled & grateful for your kind words

by Hovakhshatare on

and advice. let me explain the most important item first: My contention is with IC and its handling of certain comments & posts not the IRR agents as they won't be able to contend with any of us at intellectual, factual or human level. I am on my way out the door to fund raiser by Reporters without Frontiers (// so if you are local and plan to be there lets connect. I'm also working with several organizations inside & outside of Iran and you will hear about these in near future. I'm also helping David ET with whom I spoke earlier to day and planned various activities including the Preamble, and related items and several of you have been on those threads already so know the details. In short the pace of my activity is picking up.... I will get your email if on your profile for future communication. My email is on my profile.

My dad forbid me from going to him in Iran on his death bed, saying son you come when these bastards are gone or you are coming to throw them out. Well we all know these thugs won't go on their own, so my choice is clear. I will help throw them out or go down in flames.

Shazdeh jaan, notice IRR crowd never answer a question straight? bastard is in their genes.

Dear Ari, appreciate and agree with your advice. Lets see how tomorrow turns.

Dear Masoud, benross, Samsam, Fair , Red Wine & Pahlevan, I think my explanation addresses your concern. The fight has just begun and is independent of IC that has the potential to do and be more.

Last & least for SP:  blah blah blah blah


بابا بی خیال


بابا بی خیال هوخشتره جان، زیاد این انگلهای حزب اللهی رو جدی نگیر. اتفاقا اگر یه چندتا از اینها هم تو این سایت باشن که بد نیست؛ حوصله ما هم سر نمی ره، این دلقکها بالا پایین می پرند و ما هم کلی بهشون میخندیم.

ضمنا این "سرگرد" هم به نظر میاد نه سرگرد سپاه باشه، نه حتی ایرانی. چون هیچوقت به نظرات فارسی جواب نمیده



by SamSamIIII on


Pal, these are just "khasso Khaashaak" ;) & paint ball games before the real battle . & no, the real battle is not for IRI to fall since it,s a given but for post-IRI to make sure that it will never happen again by ghosts of Ommah . Keep your eyes on the big pic & never mind the insignificant distractions . Cheers & hope you reconsider patriot!!!  

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //



by benross on

Don't underestimate your impact here in IC. Please stay. You don't have to react to these people. Try to look at this the way Ari explained. And if you can't, just ignore them. Many readers do.


Hovakhshatare had great contributions

by Fair on

And please don't leave us. The anti Iran major and others like him would love that. No matter what you decide, I wish you well my compatriot. Iranians have for thousands of years stood up to thugs like Alexander, Genghis, the Arab invasion, and we are still standing. Today you and I and millions of others stand together for Iran, no matter what the anti Iran terrorists say or do. We shall prevail, and hopefully with your continued presence here.



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ما نفهمیدیم آخر این چه آمدنی بود که حال می‌بایست بروید !

بیشتر بمانید و تا از شما بیشتر استفاده کنیم،اینجور دشمن شاد میشوید و اگر بمانید،دشمن گریز.

پاینده باشید.



Hovack Jaan

by masoudA on

One of you is worth 1000 sargords - do not let the weez weez bother you - keep roaring my friend.   You may not believe this but I don't read their posts - I have zero idea what they are saying, even when they show up in my threads. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"ad hominem" ... LOL - I can only think of a couple of IRI spies

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

who know this much English. Good for you Sargerd - don't sell yourself short - anything less than $10,000 a month, and IRI would be hosing you!

Mainstream perspectives for IRI? As in mainstream Hezbollah terrorists?

Technical and tactical information gathering for the IRI army?

Photographing and photoshopping guns for IRI?

Anti-Iran ... this one is hilarious, as your kind don't have any love of Iran or any country for that matter - you are only looking for your next terrorist base host-country.

Ari Siletz

Hang in here Hovakh

by Ari Siletz on

Learning how the opponent hides or bluffs is as critical in politics as it is in poker. IC's wide interpretation of free speech allows this sort of indirect information to become available.          I have learned something about the IRI supporters' states of mind on this site. Partly because IC members like you have engaged them, others like me know something about what cards they're holding, and what cards they think I'm holding.        To further dramatize the point, when you are confident of your strength in battle, the enemy firing shells at you only gives away the location of his artillery.


Stay with us. If not for yourself, then for the rest of the readers. 


Sargord Pirouz

Unlike you, shazde...

by Sargord Pirouz on

The ever present accusation of multiple monickers- hilarious!

Hey, I've presented alternative views from more mainstream perspectives for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I've also provided technical, tactical and personnel references for NAJA.

I've provided technical references for Iranian civil and military aircraft.

I've provided photo interpretations to expose fake (photoshopped) photographs.

I've balanced out unrealistic political discussions and anti-Iran cheerleading with moderate takes on what can be more realistically expected.

And more. 

And I do it all without having to resort to ad hominem attacks, invectives and false accusations (unlike you).


Shazde Asdola Mirza

... and exactly, what has been YOUR contributions, Sargerd?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

S.P. (perhaps standing for Savakie Pofyooz): what's been your contribution on IC?

- Equating IRI (islamist rapist imbeciles) with Iran, to protect your pay check?

- Supporting the IRI torture and suppression techniques?

- Using your American education to support terrorist groups in US?

- Faking an army credential to fool the true patriots?

- Spending hours after hours, to write under several nicks, all to attack the real Iranians?

Sargord Pirouz


Sargord Pirouz

Unfortunately, Hova, in your commentaries, you never really provided anything of any true substance. You just blindly attacked anyone or anything that didn't conform to your extremist, subversive views, seldom applying any sound arguments directly relevant to the discussion at hand. Instead, it was the all too familiar use of accusations, ad hominem attacks, invectives, reduction to the absurd, strawman arguments, ignoring the actual discussion at hand, etc. (Case in point, reread what you've just written here.)

If you'd rather go somewhere else where everybody agrees with your personal brand of extremism and subversion, so be it. Have fun. But remember this, we'll all be learning still, over here at IC.