IRR- islamic rapist rhetoric

IRR- islamic rapist rhetoric
by Hovakhshatare

The islamic rapist republic and its never ending lies seem to have attracted all the flies to AO news post  //

A picture is worth a thousand words.


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by yolanda on

I am just curious if Sargod, the military "guru", has any explanation why KRUPP's logo appears on IRI made frigate...



divaneh, the flags that have green were made in Iran using

by Hovakhshatare on

forced child labor to sew the khrarchang (allah) as no Iranian would do it. Then once they went with blue it was transferred to Chinese production where Tibet forced labor is used :)

The two countries refer to the new flag as the 'bleeding' edge of flag making as verified by drops and stains of blood all over the flags. That are then handwashed by forced Uighur labor.

AO, this is IRR's own rapist picture where they have cleaned up and forgot to clean Krupp. deep in this junk is a slew of imported boxes strung together. Iran was building this stuff 40 years ago and by now would have made the best of them were it not for IRR retards. The issue is not Iranian talent or capability. Rather, the incompetence of the rapist regime in just about every arena of science, industry and finance except in maintaining its own power and terrorist status. No different than criminal gangs anywhere. 

Anonymous Observer

Thanks for the blog post

by Anonymous Observer on

Hovakh Jaan, what do you expect?  When you're a regime that runs over its citizens in the streets in broad day light, all you have going for you to gather support and admiration is to 9for 20 years) hide a 40 year old ship that you [poorly] repaired after being almost sunk in your glorious anti-imperialist war, and then parade it around and claim that you built it. Only a delusional idiot who is desperate to justify his / her support for a rapist and murderous regime will buy into that propaganda...but then again, we have many of those types on this site.



Thanks Hovakh

by divaneh on

I am sure the flags were made in Iran. Or, were they Chinese?