IRR style TV Interview

IRR style TV Interview
by Hovakhshatare

Interview with one of the 'people'. Seda & Sima at its professional best informing the public.


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Surprised IRR emloyees & apologists did not defend their

by Hovakhshatare on

beloved IRR. Even goroohban ghandali, manny et al did not at least call this a photoshop.

This regime is long since doomed. Now time to get rid of the murderous  left over zambie.


North Korean style baby-step toward freedom "after expression"

by میرزاقشمشم on

How dare you undermine Mr., or I should say Brother wanna-be Larry Kings' practice of unbiased journalism? The deciding factor which you try to overlook is the interviewee's absolute freedom in choosing his/her answer from a deck of card-like desirable answers.


The most sickening

by masoudA on

part of this scene is the reporter in fashionable clothes wearing glasses.   He has mastered the look to decieve.