What next?

by Hovakhshatare

The end of IRR is coming. Stay informed, be strong. Commentary by Koorosh:


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vildemose, the language and violence will get worse

by Hovakhshatare on

That much we know. However, what is obvious is IRR will be deploying intimidation and fear tactics because it has always worked and they really do not know any other way. Their problem is that they no longer control the message, context or the spin so violence will bring more discontent and further weakness. In other words, this is an animal cornered and all its behavior highly predictable. Hence, the movement can counter effectively and take initiative.


Bijan, he is an activist and has his own website you can review

by Hovakhshatare on


My post of his link is not an endorsement but he makes good points on potential activity.

Mort Gilani

Mr Erfani is Great!

by Mort Gilani on

I just subscribed to his youtube channel.

Bijan A M

Mr. Hovakhshatare

by Bijan A M on

I saw this clip 2 days ago. Do you know this gentleman (Mr. Erfani)?