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 U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated his "deep concerns" about the elections Tuesday but said: "My hope is that the Iranian people will take the right steps in order for them to be able to express their voices, express their aspirations." Watch world leaders' comments on Iran »

In addition to all the efforts on Iranian.com, Face Book, etc. we need to write to the White House and have the White House hear our voices. So, I suggest we write to the White House. 

Below is the link to the White House contact page. Also, you can include the following simple text:

 "As Iranian-Americans, we ask that President Obama listen to the voices of Iranians around the world and understand our plight. Thus, we ask that the president express disappointment with the violence the government of Ahmadinezad is inflicting upon its citizens and expressly denounce the results of the Iranian election which took place last Friday." 



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Stupid mistake

by nimap (not verified) on

It will be a very grave mistake if the US comes out and denounces the election results now. It will be playing into the hands of the fundamentalists. Obama is very wise in saying that meddling in Iran affairs at this stage is counterproductive. He just expressed sorrow at the loss of innocent lives and said that people's voices need to be heard. If he criticizes further the Iranian government will quickly accuse the protesters as US puppets and crack down harshly.



with all due respect IB

by fish (not verified) on

you asked the President to "expressly denounce". There is HUGE difference and Obama, again I say, is better off expressing his concern and support ONLY. And he has done so. What part of that do YOU not realize? You MUST realize that for him to say anything further than that IS to be considered meddling. AN is already using the same old "western saboteur" crap as it is. I'm just not sure what more you expect him to do beyond what he already has expressed.


Does Anyone Bother Reading The Words

by IB on

Honestly, it behooves me that none of the commentators bother reading the words and understanding the simple and clear message. They all look for the hidden meaning behind the simple words and sentences.

To ask to write to the White House and ask your president to vocalize the US's concerns about the violence, injustice and inhumane actions of the Ahmadinezad government does not equate to the US meddeling into another nations business.

I guess its no different than seeing a rape/killing/beating take place on the street and immediately reporting it or testifying to it if it goes to court . Do you think being indifferent and looking the other way or refusing  to testify is the right action there; or do you think getting involved is meddling? 


Is there anything we can do to help?

by Yashar (not verified) on

I'm an Iranian American living in the Washington DC area. Is there anything I can do to help the uprising to succeed in Iran?



by fish (not verified) on

I understand and agree with your last two statements, 100%. I believe that true change can ONLY be achieved from within. And I believe in and support those brave Iranians 100%. But you seem to be playing the "American is Satan" card. Do you not think that the US government can change as well? Can you not concede that this government is different? If not, then your reasoning and hopes for Iran's to change is flawed. Do you really think that the regime change was ALL the US' fault? That doesn't seem to give much credibility to the people of Iran themselves! Regardless of my pain at your tone, I can't make it clearer how proud I am to see the young men and women of Iran standing up for their rights and their future. They deserve nothing but our support.


Keep your hands off Iran

by farokh2000 on

Please don't be so stupid to think that writing to the WH or U.S. Representatives would help anything.

These Thugs were brought in power by CIA to begin with. Khomeini was housed and protected in Iraq and France for so many years by CIA, so that one day, when Shah's usefulness expired, they would bring him in.

And bring him in, they did.

Now you are asking the big bad wolf to help again?

Shame on you for being so naive.

No one but the people of Iran know and have the best interest of the Iranians in mind.

No need for inerference, please.



by Anonymous fish unregisterd (not verified) on

I don't understand what else you expect him to do. He has already expressed his concern and disappointment. He simply is not going to denounce anybody or anything. It is to no one's advantage for him to do so. Certainly not the incredibly brave Iranians men and women who are actually there in the midst of these protests. They are going to be labeled western-added saboteurs, as they in fact have already been. They have plenty enough of a loud voice to speak their outrage. I say, give them the opportunity and the RIGHT to fight these wrongs on their own!
Writing Obama in support of his current stance of no intervention is what I'd do, not encourage him to take further action. Not at this point.



by IB on

Irrespective of the nuances you want to include in your letter, bottom line the message is let the White House hear us out.

Sharing all these sentiments merely amongst Iranians outside of Iran will not help. We need to write to our reps and to our President (Obama).


I agree with staying out

by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

Any hint of interference will play into the hands of hard liners. Remember Mr.Khomeini said war was a blessing for us. So, U.S administration's interferences will be another blessing to silence the opposition. IRI already complaining that western governments are interfiring in domestic affairs of Iran. I can not imagine what would happen if administration issued that kind of communiques.


Please stay out of it

by Bavafa on

I praise Obama for staying out of the current situation in Iran as any interfering by any foreign government, especially the US government will play into the regime’s hand to accuse the protestors as traitors and take any legitimacy out of the dissent that is going on right now.



I understand your concern

by Anonymous fish unverified (not verified) on

I understand your concern and your wish for some overt support from Obama. But you need to understand things from his perspective, and from the US perspective in general. Iran has made it perfectly clear, and this opinion has been verbalized by the majority of commentors on iranian.com, that Iranians do not want any interference from the West. Remember, this isn't a pick and chose situation. You can't say, I don't want sanctions but I do want "this" support. You can't say I don't want the US do do "this" but I do expect them to do "that". Obama has expressed his concerns and his support for the protestors and the Iranian public. He can do NO MORE at this point. He DOES have to deal with the existing regime when this is all said and done. And if you're really honest, it isn't going to make a whole lot of difference WHO the president is. Obama is going to be dealing with the Supreme Leader no matter what. So, baring any major changes to the counsel, Obama is treading a very fine line. Most americans are feeling the "damned if we do and damned if we don't".

Express disappoinment? Absolutely

Denounce? Absolutely not.