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Iran Represent
by Iran Represent

Originally, I set up // to promote the Iranian identity via the "Irani" design I had developed back in 2003 at UC Berkeley. I simply grew tired of Iranians calling themselves "Persians" or lying to people about where they came from, i.e. Italy, Greece, Spain, etc.

Thus, the purpose of the shirt was two fold:

1. To tell fellow Iranians, "hey, if I'm not embarrassed about being Iranian, nor should you be."

2. We are Iranians from Iran, not from "Persia" - the Greek name for Iran.

In other words, I made the shirt to promote the Iranian identity in the
diaspora. It wasn't to say that we're any better than anyone else, but
that we're not any less and that we're not ashamed of our roots,
regardless of where we now reside.

I have recently added a Farvahar design because I realized that the
Iranian identity is not monolithic and that Iranians express their
identity in more ways than one and I'm am looking for more ideas. If
you have a design or logo that promotes the Iranian identity, please
feel free to send them to


Iran Represent Team