Back from the dead

Back from the dead
by Jahanshah Javid

Bella told a true story recently which was really amusing. It's about her Iranian friends -- a husband and wife, who live in Germany. Their German neighbor had a champion rabbit, one of those special breeds, in a cage in the back yard.

One night the Iranian couple see their dog has the rabbit between his teeth. It was all muddy and dirty and very dead. What a disaster!

It would have been terrible if the German neighbor found out that the dog had gone into their yard and killed his poor prized rabbit. The Iranian couple were horrified thinking of the possible consequences.

What could they do? How could they avoid a scandal?

They washed and blow dried the rabbit, quietly went over the neighbor's yard before the sun was up and put the dead body in the cage -- to make it seem he had died of natural causes.

Then they waited... and waited. For weeks they didn't hear anything from the German neighbor.

Finally one day as the Iranian husband was working in his yard, he sees his German neighbor and starts a conversation.

-- "How are you? Is everything OK?" he asks the neighbor.

-- "Yes... everything is fine. Except my wife is not feeling well."

-- "Oh? What's wrong?"

-- "Well, a few weeks ago our rabbit died and we buried it in our yard. But the next day my wife found him in his cage. She thinks the rabbit has come back from the dead."


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hahaha thats funny !

by ali razavi (not verified) on

hahaha thats funny !

American Wife

different versions...

by American Wife on

and they all make me laugh... very good.


It took only few days to hatch

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

I have an egg incubator.One day I bought some fertile eggs and put them in the incubator to hatch.Few days later I went and bought a chicklet and put her in the incubator.Next I went to my kids and told them to lets go and see if any of the egss has hatched.When they opened the incubator and they saw the little chicklet inside they were so surprised,but lator I told them it was all a joke and I just played a game of them .You should have seen the surprise on their faces.

Safa Ali


by Safa Ali on

Im a person who gets spooked pretty easily, and if that happenned to me, I'd be pretty scared.


Funny story though


Very funny

by laylaj (not verified) on

a little story with a unexpected ending. lol.


not that funny!!!

by urstruly (not verified) on

But a good story!


This is very funnnnnnnnnnny...

by Khar on good man, laughed my ears off! Thanks.



by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

I fell off my chair.


what is with the German

by lynx (not verified) on

what is with the German people and their pets.... it is like, can't they CONNECT with other PEPLE? I'm tellin ya, you hear a story about a German, and it usually includes a dog, or cat somewhere there. It seems that socially they are somewhat aloof.

Azadeh Azmoudeh


by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

Was it a real story? Didn't they notice the dirt on the rabbit being burried in the dirt? It was hilarious and embarrasing at the same time!