Sublime & ridiculous

Sublime & ridiculous
by Jahanshah Javid

My daughter Mahdiyeh, sister Iran and I just had some tacos and fajitas near the beach at Puerto Vallarta, a resort town in southern Mexico on the Pacific ocean.

It took us almost two days to drive here from Chihuahua for a short vacation. We'll be here three nights and start driving back Wednesday.

We're in our Holiday Inn room. They are watching (mostly) funny YouTube videos and I'm trying to work and put up new articles on

I'll give you the best videos they looked at. The first one is really beautiful -- a duet by Pavarotti and Bryan Adams singing "O Sole Mio". The other is a fat guy making fun of Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies". Enjoy!


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How Sweet the two of you!

by Monda on

I wish you many such memories together. Be safe from stomach issues by sticking to alcoholic beverages and simple food. Especilly Mahdieh who is not adjusted to the bacteria yet. Happy New Year to you and loved ones.

Brian Adams Pavarotti video is really cool, thank you.


Take a Day or Two Off!

by Khar777 (not verified) on

Our beloved Vazir, I.D jaan is correct! There are enough controversial blogs/topics posted for couple of days Ke Betoonim Too Sar o Kool e Ham Digeh Bezanim! :o)))



by IRANdokht on

I hope you're not planing on staying in and surfing youtube all the time you are in PV!!! 

How's the weather? Get out there and have some fun! People are going to continue arguing on the stale articles forever, so don't worry about the site too much! :0)

btw: did I ever tell you what great Marguaritas I make? but the one you got looks darn cool too  :0)


American Wife

it's absolutely delightful

by American Wife on

seeing you with your daughter.  I hope you make a zillion more memories like this one to cherish!!!


You both look so happy and

by Niki on

You both look so happy and cute. I am glad you are enjoying your time. Have a safe drive back home.



by samsam1111 on

wrong thread sorry .


Puerto Vallarta is a great place

by Khar on

We went to Puerto Vallarta a year and half ago; it’s a great place to visit in Mexico. I like it better than Atlantic side (Cancun area) it has more of natural beauty.  Did you know that the movie Night of the Iguana (1964) written by Tennessee Williams and directed by John Huston was filmed in Puerto Vallarta? just a bit of movie & PV trivia for you. I recommend visiting the old town and going to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Also take a boat ride on the bay of Banderas, no relation Antonio :o), looking at the shore from the bay is breath taking especially with the rolling hills and mountains and clouds in the background. Also visit the Don Crispin Tequila factory it's about 10 miles south of PV and enjoy free shots of Tequila. BTW on the way to Don Crispin on the scenic road over looking the ocean there are number of vendor stands along the way, in one of the stops there is a guy who owns a 6 feet tall (including the tail) Iguana who will let you take picture with the iguana in your hands or on your shoulder for a buck or two, we took one, the under belly of the Iguana is so smooth, the iguana is very cool it wont hurt you. Have fun and take a lot of pictures.  //



Stay away from too much Margaritas!

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on

Hope you enjoy your stay in Mexico.I tried going to Mexico twice,but made it only to Laredo and another border town.I did not like the border towns at all,and I would not want to go there again.They are worse than our villages in Iran.