We like to watch

We like to watch
by Jahanshah Javid

An exchange of emails between me and a person asking a video be removed from iranian.com:

-- "Are you the owner of iranian.com?"

-- "I'm the publisher, yes."

-- "Wonderful!!! I have heard many wonderful things about you. My name is ... and I have a huge favor to ask of you. It seems like someone posted [my] clips ... on your website. The problem is the company who videotaped [these clips] and originally posted it on youtube should not have done that. It was brought to my attention yesterday and I was devastated to see it on the site and more disturbed to see the comments people were posting. I am so sad to see people in my community tear others down... I am a [journalist] and my privacy means the world to me. Would you be kind enough to help me remove the post from iranian.com? I really do appreciate your time greatly. Thank you so very much. I look forwardt to hearing from you soon."

-- "Pleased to meet you... As a [journalist] you are well aware that anything that is available to the public on YouTube or anywhere else is "fair game". You have the ability to switch your video to private. We can't stop watching what's playing in front of the whole globe. Very best wishes. j"


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Zan Amrikai


by Zan Amrikai on

Actually, I thought Global Voyeurism's two questions to JJ were really quite witty and funny (sleeping/male vs. female and visa to Mexico)!

To imagine that a discussion like this is easily settled misses out on how very important this issue is in this country.  Since we have a constitution that guarantees certain rights, when those rights are not honored, people with means have legal recourse (people with means!).  Certainly, freedom of speech (encompasses more than speech) cases go all the way to the Supreme Court of the land because sometimes we just want final "justice."   My point?  That these are loaded questions, and if they are to be truly "settled," they would best be settled at that high level.  It is very difficult to know which side to support most heartily because at any given time, we could find ourselves on either side given certain circumstances.  Many excellent points have been made by my fellow iranian.com readers--on both sides!

That's my two cents.


That's really annoying!

by Not Global Voyeurism (not verified) on

Global Voyeurism has posted 1, 2, 3, 4 comments, one after another, because they address different issues. Nobody has replied to any of them specifically yet, so which one is annoying, and find to be "non-sense repetition"? Which part is "non-sense", which part is "repetition"? If you follow the thread he, in part, is responding to some comments directed at his earlier comment, and also has some new items that he does not want to be mixed with the older issues.

Since when "not serious" is annoying? He believes on the contrary, that being all serious is annoying; for example when JJ said "if you want to get your stuff deleted here you gotta sleep with me" he thought it was so hilarious that he almost hid the floor laughing, but he and nobody else told JJ to be serious. That's really annoying!



by KouroshS (not verified) on


What a blessing that your comments get deleted, on a routine basis. Someone like you who would not stop at anything and would go so far as to bring somone else's mother into all this, Just to get some lousy postings published on a website, Deos not deserve Jack sHiii...
Why don't you use some bleach to wash away the filth in your mind, instead of barking mad and being angry at getting deleted.

What an Idiot.


Not my tea party dear....

by Souri on

Global Voyeurism has posted 1, 2, 3, 4 comments, one after another, without waiting even for a reply, all of which are the non-sense repetition. It's annoying because it's not serious.


Which part is annoying?

by Not Global Voyeurism (not verified) on

Which part of Global Voyeurism’s comments are annoying? Is he ruining your exlusive tea party?


Dead "published" stuff

by Derakhshandeh (not verified) on

Mr. Publisher this link that you have "published" is now gone, finnit, nada! Either second or third party deleted it for you. What is the policy and journalistic duty now?! What happens to these "dead publications"?!



This Global Voyeurism.......

by Souri on

Someone please remove his battery ! He/she is so annoying.


Finally we are making some progress

by Global Voyeurism (not verified) on

So, I believe we have at least three well defined rules (pending democratic approval from this fine community of ours):

Rule #1: “Blogs can be edited and or deleted by their owners”.

Rule #2: The Editor is “a dictator as far as preserving good content”.

Rule #3: “If you really want to get your stuff deleted here you gotta sleep with me [the Editor].”

I only have two questions, and I think I can finally get my archive deleted:

Question #1: Is the sleeping thing for women and men alike?

Question #2: How do I apply for a visa to Mexico?


Jahanshah Javid

Party Bazi

by Jahanshah Javid on

Gerdoo Joon, Party Bazi is an Iranian tradition. Of course I would do anything for my naneh, daughter and joon jooni friends. But if you really want to get your stuff deleted here you gotta sleep with me.



by IRANdokht on

your tolerance is admirable! but sometimes you're just too patient...  




by Gerdoo (not verified) on

Agar nanatam bood hameen karo meekardee? What if it was your own daughter? What goes around, comes around my friend. You know the old saying we have "God's stick has no sound, but when he strikes, there is no remedy". Be ready...

Lets see if you publish this one, since you are so good at deleting my comments and not posting them.

I see a pattern that you only delete when it is convenient for you.


I want all my posts deleted, IF...

by Global Voyeurism (not verified) on

I see a lot of people pleading for JJ to make a judgment call and remove this poor bxxxxxx’s video clip, as I said before IF any allowance is made for anyone, I want all my posts under my multiple registered usernames to be deleted. Here is why, I have been posting since 2003 and ever since I started posting I have not returned to Iran, whereas before I was going back regularly. Two of brothers are gravely sick, two of our remaining properties need to be sold to take care of my needy family, I have a vengeful ex-wife who has reported me to IRI authorities, and I’m afraid as it is if I return to Iran I’ll be arrested and given a thorough internal cleaning of my lower intestine track, so if an exception is granted I want it to be given to me.

Please notice that I’m not asking for removal of my archive now, the way things are. When I was posting I full well knew the consequences of my action, BUT I’m pleading IF there is going to be mercy, please have it on me and my family. I’m more deserving than Hajiagha.

Thank you,


The case of missing “Delete Button”

by Global Voyeurism (not verified) on

JJ asks: “Do you think just because iranian.com is an online medium, it does not have the right to preserve and archive all its content. Do you really want a site that will remove and/or alter its content for personal, political, or financial reasons?”

Here is your answer in your own FAQ section: “Can I delete my article, blog or comments? ...Blogs can be edited and or deleted by their owners...”

So, what happened to the “Delete Button” for some of the blogs? Johnny Dollar wants to know :O)


“show off to the world”

by Global Voyeurism (not verified) on

I think the video clip and the blog are two different issues, two different people, I don’t know, nobody ever said what video or what blog specifically, and I’m not going to guess.

However I do believe people who have lavish weddings and then they post it on World Wide Web (did you notice WORLD) are show offs. Do they really think they spend five million dollars on a wedding and nobody in this hungry WORLD is going to call them show offs. Well, I don’t really know how much those people in those wedding video clips that have recently been posted on iranian.com have spent on their weddings, but I hear a rumor that a rich Iranian family spend $5,000,000 on their wedding. Haven't these people ever heard of hunger in this WORLD? Do they think everybody in this world is as rich as they are? I think “show off” is putting it nicely, God knows how many cursing words did not get through the Editor’s filter.


Taking a bath in the kitchen sink, huh?

by Global Voyeurism (not verified) on

Two employees of a KFC restaurant were fired after their pictures were posted on myspace.com. A third employee had already left her job.


I doubt if they ever work in a restaurant again.

So guys, if you don’t want to be cut, stop doing embarrassing things.


The public has not been adequately informed

by Iran4ever (not verified) on

Despite JJ claim that what he is doing is for posterity, he and his website has not adequately informed its readership about consequences of posting for this website. Point in mind why can't I delete my own blog? Here is what it says in FAQ:

"Can I delete my article, blog or comments? Published articles will permanently remain on iranian.com. Blogs can be edited and or deleted by their owners. Comments can be edited by the author until someone replies to them, after which they cannot be altered."


He wants this video removed

by Ma'at (not verified) on

Here is a guy who wants his video removed. :)



Your reply

by Kamal M (not verified) on

Although not convincing, thank you for the clarification. Your brother knew that you are a publisher and by not instructing you otherwise he gave his implicit consent when he emailed the photos to you. On the other hand you chose not to share a personal lose with your audience for the sake of keeping your brother happy. Please do not publish this.




Quite right, jj, but depends how you connected the dots...

by Undyingly Faithful Fish (not verified) on

i.e., what was in the ... (dot dot dot) part of your last e-mail (ellipsis)? Something like...I'm really sorry you feel devastated but...if the company "should not" have posted it perhaps you have grounds for a lawuit...It's an unfortunate aspect of the Internet Age...once again, thanks so much for your kind words and so sorry that....?

The legal issue is clear. i.c. has a right to post it. The ethical issue is actually murkier than it seems to some because there is a strong argument FOR protecting the freedom of public domain aspect of the I'net. From the point of view of empathy and compassion...well, nowhere is compassion legally mandated...but...we like to watch it...most of us, anyway, so...all depends on how you connected the dots.

--Just a fish, any ol' fish


JJ Jan,

by Hajminator on

We are not all journalists and publication rules weren’t explicit till now, You can be indulgent to people who asked you this favor before setting these rules. For now on, it’s clear that everything published on Iranian.com would be stay on the site eternally. So people, if you have still some stuffs left in Iran, become just gentle readers and don’t make any hard comments against these bastards.

Jahanshah Javid

My mother

by Jahanshah Javid on

Kamal M, the photographs of my mother's funeral in Spain were taken by my brother and emailed to family members, including myself. The photographs were his. I published them without his permission. He wanted them removed and I did so. If he had submitted them for publication and wanted them removed at a later time, I would not have agreed. Also, if I had taken the photos myself, I would have published them.

The YouTube video in dispute, is in the public domain. Anyone can embed it on their site. If the person who put it on YouTube takes it off or makes it private, it cannot be seen on iranian.com.


Take Responsibility

by Kamal M (not verified) on

Dear Jahanshah,

As you probably know I have been a great fan of your site since the beginning. I follow your blog whenever time allows and am always amazed by the amount of wisdom and maturity you display in your writings. I also have great respect for people who believe in certain ideology but have the courage to revisit their beliefs and change direction rather than be an apologist of those old beliefs forever. Having said all of that I would like to point to one instance that I believe for the sake of not labeling you a hypocrite would at the very least needs more clarification. The case in point goes back to a few years ago concerning photos taken from your mother’s funeral in Spain. Those photos were on line for only a few hours but were permanently removed later that day. I can sympathize with the sensitivity of the issue and possibility of outrage by your immediate family causing you to remove those pictures but it would be nice to admit to the limitations of what you preach when it comes down to certain issues.

Truly yours,


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

JJ your argument is full of holes

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Here's some homework for this Iran4ever person. Why don't you also contact the other sites who are linking this video? See what they say? You can check this on youtube under statistics tab. If JJ doesn't remove it, which it sounds like he won't, maybe you can at least get others to. 

JJ: The NY Times does not publish third party stuff as part of its content like you do. You "publish" other people's content and slap iranian.com label on it based on what? The comments? Well like I said, you aren't stubborn about deleting those at all. Where are those "rights" then? Also, we are the ones who publish, not you. You are providing the URL/design and all that. But we press the publish button. So whoever submitted that Video, they published it. Maybe they should decide instead of you? 

Your "content" preservation might come at a cost this time, if this person is harmed. Anyway you are making an enemy for no good reason and that seems dumb to me for any business. He did not even ask to be on youtube. He is simply asking you to stop encouraging it since the other guy, the original douche on youtube, doesn't have the decency. Of course you don't have to oblige, and you won't, but I think it's not like someone publishing an Op-ed or anything like that. He didn't author that original content, and this guy probably can't afford a lawyer to get involved. Community justice isn't worth it?

I give you props for having the guts to argue about this, but it only takes once for something to happen. I'm sure you aren't going to help this guy out. But remember this is a pretty unique case too. Don't just go by the logic that "well no one has died yet. so i'm going to keep my stubborn policy". Just once....... 

American Wife

But JJ

by American Wife on

You say you're not going to remove or alter anything published on iranian.com.  But you do... and your moderators do.  You do it ALL THE TIME.  Are you going to claim a distinction between a blog or article and comments written TO it?  That's going to be a mightly fine line to draw... determining what is a publication and what isn't.  For the most part, every blog and article on IC is an opinion, NOT a publication.  As are the comments to it.  You delete and alter comments willy nilly with the explanation of "trying to control abuse".  Explain the difference, please.


Basic rules of publishing? Here? HUH? Are you talkin to me?

by TheMrs on

Are you seriously comparing this site’s atmosphere and contributors to Times magazine? Since when does that magazine publish articles by Shazdeh Asdollah Mirza or go for HajiAgha’s Khastegari? If you’re expecting Akbar and the Mrs who submit when they get a tickle at work or are bored to professional free lance journalists, you’re going to be disappointed.

Publishing rules of other sites, radios, papers etc have nothing on you. You have your site in which you’re intimately involved. Your writers and audience are for the most part, regular people. You have your thumb on the pulse of the Iranian diaspora (say oooooohhh aaaaahhh). Times magazine boogh bezaneh bereh jelo.

Instead of being irritated, you should be glad some guy selling land in Iran feels comfortable enough to ask you for a favor. That’s your competitive advantage!

Ask us to think twice before we submit and 99 % of your material is gone. You can’t expect us to be journalists! You take it case by case. Think of it as a perk not a burden. Take the sites's uniqueness and run with it. You will age faster but hey...someone's gotta do it.

Jahanshah Javid

Abarghoo Times = NY Times

by Jahanshah Javid on

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek, do you think the law distinguishes between the NY Times (circulation in millions) and Springfield High School Herald (circulation 50)? All publishers are treated equally under the law. They all have the right to permanently archive their content.

Do you think just because iranian.com is an online medium, it does not have the right to preserve and archive all its content. Do you really want a site that will remove and/or alter its content for personal, political, or financial reasons?


JJ, I'm all with you but....

by Souri on

I do agree: if it wasnt' for the right of journalism, "Watergate" would not be diffused to the public, Nixon wouldn't resign, Clinton's affair would remained silent, "Beregovoy" the former French Prime Minister, wouldn't commit suicide and Bernard Tapie (French politician) wouldn't stay two years in prison........All those people left now, but Journalism is still there ! I acknowledge the responibility of a journalist. But,

did you pay attention to my first post here ? Did you get the message ?

I have another example of "what should better not be posted" ...

Remember last year, that blog-video of a young girl which has been posted here ? She'd posted a video (don't remember if it was on youtube or not) saying that she wanted to have relationship with guys and have sex, despite her parents prohibition ?

You just removed that video after many people objected it. I remember that incident very well and approved your action as an act out of wisdom and integrity. ....Unfortunately I don't remember the title nor the name of that 16 years girl.

Nuances, dear JJ.


Mr. JJ you won -- You are the most popular and the best man

by Iran4ever (not verified) on

Now please let me delete my blog and my account.

I have sent numerous e-mail to you, ask you kindly let me delete my blog. I am not a journalist nor I pretend to be one. I am not rich or powerful neither ever pretended to be one, hence I can't afford attorney.

I am a simple hardworking, former refugee and asylum seeker who lived in camps begging for food with my siblings.

You are the man you have all the powers.

let me now delete my blog.

I wish and all the readers here the best of luck.

i promise I will never visit this site or have anything to do with Iranian.com.

I will never report Iranian.com to FBI. I have never sold my country men out even though I HATE IRI and their supporters.

Once again I ask you let me delete my blog. You had your fun.

Take care

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

So because of JJ's experience, he is going to make others suffer

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I get it. This is not the NY Times and the publication mode is not the same. If this guy can't control the youtube video and has asked as a 3rd party for you to be the decent man that jerk who posted the video could not be, that's really sad. Your example about you and what you wrote is also very sad. It does not apply to everyone. That's part of your persona on Iranian.com - that you came out of IRI and you have reformed yourself and all that other stuff. That's terribly cruel to impose it on others. 

BTW, everyone should just wear a mask now. It's dog eat dog from now on, obviously, even in a community outside Iran. Yekh. 


JJ someone said ask a lazy

by Derakhshandeh (not verified) on

JJ someone said ask a lazy person to do something he'll give you a thousand reason why it shouldn't be done.

Did you even ask anyone to delete you articles in Iran or elsewhere? Was it one article or tons of stuff?

You are just haggling and making excuses. One day you will be in these people shoes and I am sure you'll be faced with someone just like yourself. I am not nefrining you or anything just saying there will be another day.

Journalism, mournalism.