Sanctions Do Not Prohibit Iranian Americans from Flying Iran Air

by jamal.abdi

Washington, DC, (NIAC) - Iranian Americans may continue to travel using Iran Air, despite the recent imposition of sanctions on the company, according to the U.S. Treasury’s sanctions enforcement agency and the U.S. State Department.

Officials at the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control and State Department have confirmed to NIAC that indeed U.S. individuals may continue to purchase tickets and fly on Iran Air.

Although the sanctions designation of Iran Air makes most U.S. business with the company illegal, the underlying sanctions law (the International Emergency Economic Powers Act) and regulations include a travel exemption. Therefore, the Iran Air sanctions do not bar to the use of Iran Air for travel purposes by U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, or persons physically in the U.S.

The Iran Air sanctions do, however, prohibit other types of transactions with Iran Air, such as transactions related to the provision of insurance, aircraft servicing, or the export of goods to Iran Air. For questions or to learn more, contact the U.S. Treasury’s Sanctions Compliance Hotline at 1-800-540-6322.

This information is for education and informational purposes only, and should not be regarded as legal advice.


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Banafsheh Zolfaghari


by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Banafsheh: Irooni is right on mark. Who cares about the sanction issue when it comes to air travel to or out of Iran!!?  

The 'Ragin Cajun' would saay: It's the safety record, old soviet equipment, skill and competence of the management S-T-U-P-I-D, not the sanctions!

Not implying NIAC is stupid or anyting.  Just say'n; someone sure is!(WRONG ISSUE DUDES! or is it lobby for 'them' at any cost?)

I for one would not put my little girls on any airline managed by them crooks, especially not because some lobbyist in Washington said so!

Safe summer travels everyone.

PS -- DONT FLY IRAN AIR,  Beyond safety, or the law, it puts money into the pocket of the real bad guys.


The question is

by iroooni on

anyone in the right mind would want to?


Any Iranian who breaks the US sanctions

by mahmoudg on

including that of travelling with Iran Air ought to be reported to the authorities, and I for one intend to report them to FBI.