The Book Of Job

The Book Of Job
by jamh

So I got curious.
Was there a parallel?

I'll summarize it for you.
Job was rich,
righteous and bright.
To test him, God
smote him with blight.
His holdings were lost,
his house burned. God
took away (or killed)
all of his numerous children.
From head to toe
he covered him in sores
to the snicker of his wife.

All were amazed,
friend and foe,
at the lack of his wrath.
His companions
(from old Persia)
urged him to get it out.
But Job pointed to Nature,
Earth, thunder, cloud
then to his own true size.

God smiled
and made him wealthier
than ever before
with land, cattle, camel
and children more.

Forward a few years.
Our Job was also our most
successful toy maker.
He gave us much
and was loved by all.
He too, all the way,
to that hard fought death,
held his own sway.

I draw no conclusion.
What is, is. The best lot
along with the worse
end up in the same pot.
Righteous or not, seer,
inventor, soothsayer,
And if I were wrong,
shall I point to my wife?

I refuse to believe.
What I say on my deathbed
is a measure of my life.



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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The problem is that America does not want to have a secular Iran. It is like I go and ask some casino owner to help stop gambling. Or the bankers to route out corruption. You are asking the wrong people.

If Iranian billionaies were to help they would be put away by USA. If RP were to do it he would join Bakhtiyar! I am very cynical about America or its motives. The only hope I have is internal forces. 

The other option is someone who is so slick they out manouver the Americans. You got to be very cunning to do that. Planes and helicopters ain't gonna do this one. it will be guile and trickery. 



by Simorgh5555 on

"Show me how this happened and I am willing to listen. Until then no thank you. West has done nothing but promote Islamism and misery"

Fair point but not if you arm and equip a proper democratic secular liberation army to do the job. The Americans can help by airstrikes but it will be Iranian patriots whose righteous hands who will strangle the regime. 

If Reza Pahlavi or one of the billionaire monkey Iran-geles monkeys were willing to gather their money and resources together for this purpose then we won't need outside support. Until then we will need American airplanes unless you provide a series of F-15s and Apache helicopters. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

what military action

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


What actions; by whom with what goals. I am confused about this. If God going to take action or is it America or NATO.

What I saw was NATO take action to turn Libya into an Islamic Republic. and already did that to Iran; Iraq; Afghanistan; Kosovo and partially Chechnya. Now they are working on turning Syria into one. 

Why should I trust the West to do anything but prop up another Islamic Republic. That is what they want and that is what they do. No I don't trust the West sorry. 

Show my one nation that has recently benefited from Western intervention. Not Japan and not Germany that was 60+ years ago. I am talking about NOW. 

Show me how this happened and I am willing to listen. Until then no thank you. West has done nothing but promote Islamism and misery.

Thank you; VPK


Gee Simorgh,

by jamh on

You have taken it to a completely different direction here.


Even Job would support military action

by Simorgh5555 on

This is my favourite book of the Old Testament. God sure puts that Job to the test and screws him over and over but his faith doesn't budge one bit. Brilliant book about patience and human tolerance. 

How long will God punish the people of Iran. Like Job, Iranians have seen their houses and lands burnt. Lives have been turned upseide down and womenand  children slaughtered by the Greatest Terror the world has ever known since the Third Reich. 

Iranians have tolerated more than Job. We have shown the patience of Job and more. Its time to say enough is enough.......