The dream


The dream
by jamh

As you know, I love to write little poems for this and that. I had this song in my head from a Norwegian band called "Leaves Eyes". The song is "The dream", and I was considering writing something with the same feel, from the point of view of a pixie-guardianAngel-hoor that is in love with a young man, and the young man in question is one of the young iranians yearning and fighting for a better future in Iran.

If you listen to the words in the song, because they are in English and because of the accent of the singers, they are fairly hard to understand, and so, they leave you with an impression that you can mold to whatever you imagine and whatever subject happens to occupy your mind.

But having started on some other ambitious project, I will have to leave you with the original poem. Enjoy, and do seek the song, it is one of my current favorites, and I think it is a song that gives courage and hope.

The Dream

(from the song of the same name by LeavesEyes)

Where do you sleep
What do you dream
What do you need
To be free

I see a little island
Where ebb and flow meet
We curl up by the fire
Your breath in my ear
We've found our paradise
Where fruits and flowers grow
The ocean's ground is white
Reflects the moonlight that glows

I cover you warm
Fall asleep upon my chest
I protect you from harm
And I will quench your thirst

When do we meet
Our love proceeds
When you are here
I am real too
Ah ah

You're my queen
You're my angel
You're the love I breathe to live

You're my star
You're my leading light
You're the beauty I see at night

You're my queen
You're my angel
You're the dream I breathe to live

Where do you sleep
What do you dream


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